Friday, November 17, 2017

Fall Fashion ~ Loose and Comfy!

Apparently it's fashionable to don loose, comfy, and often really oversized, 
sweaters this season. Looking through my personal stash from the past few
 years I already have several oversized sweaters in my closet.
I also have classic cut cashmere sweaters and cardigans which really
 never go out of style, so guess I'm ready for all chilly weather situations. 

 I did a quick changeover from Summer warm weather clothes to oh such loved
Fall/Winter items before heading to Louisiana last week - not that one required 
anything heavy and snug there - it was 80 degrees plus and still extremely humid.
 Is it ever not hot and humid in New Orleans?

Have you shopped for new sweaters this season?
This longer loose fitting sweater I love, and the tie bottom elevates it to being a bit
 more dressy than a lot of the oversized sweaters I'm seeing, and wearing! 
Pairing it with the co-ordinating skirt it can pass as a dress. I would find this a
 useful outfit for many occasions. . . . . . . I would however like it more with a
 lowered round neckline, turtlenecks are just too warm here in my area, especially
 when going into shops etc. where the heat is blasting out full throttle.
 The big loose sleeves are wonderful.

This gigantic sweater is rather too voluminous and would
be somewhat annoying perhaps, unless one could size down!
I do like the marled grey yarn, and having a hood would be great 
when taking a woodland walk on a chilly day. . . . . . . . 

. . . . . . . .speaking of which, now cool days are here and the colorful
 leaves are whirling in the Autumn breeze, I must get out and walk 
in the woods. 
Leaf raking will be keeping me busy and providing some exercise in the
 coming weeks so a comfy, loose sweater will really come in useful.

~ New looks from ZARA for Winter 2017/18 ~


  1. If I were as thin as the model, I wouldn't wear such voluminous clothing. It does look pretty though. I don't really go many places to dress up like that.

  2. Cashmere - don't you just LOVE it? I recently bought two knit dresses made of a cashmere mix, they could even work as (slightly) oversized jumpers. See one of my last blog posts :-)
    Of the two Zara looks, I agree with you about the second one; that jumper just looks a bit too oversized to be practical (and so do the extremely thin stiletto heels - I'd get stuck in between pavement tiles every few minutes!).

  3. Those sweaters are amazing. I don't feel comfortable in oversized sweaters. Maybe it is because I am only 5'1" tall.

  4. I do enjoy cozy sweaters. Oversize often means I look like I'm drowning, so I try to get sweaters not too drapey. I don't wear turtlenecks any more, as I find them constricting, but a soft cowl is nice.

  5. I was actually thinking about checking out sweaters at H&M next week. Would love a white one, sort of oversized. Been also noticing tunic length sweat shirt/dress with hoods that I think might be nice over jeans. Since I am due to finish up Christmas shopping next week at the mall I will be definitely checking things out.

  6. We still aren't having cool enough weather for a change in attire. And depending on how winter plays out, I may or may not need to buy a few new things. I got rid of a lot last year that I wasn't wearing and was just taking up space. I do love a nice turtleneck.

  7. I love that you can just go and walk in the woods!

    Love that fashion look. So cozy. Alex bought me a V-neck thin sweater to make up for the one that was falling apart and a thicker one for me too as all mine are rather too thin. I really don't like shopping for clothes for myself...yet love doing it with Alexandra for herself.

  8. I don’t own oversized sweaters; however, I do love oversized flannel shirts. 🍂

  9. Dear Mary, I love cashmere, any style, any size and mostly black, grey, brown or red. I even like turtleneck sweaters. I just wear a small silk scarf inside the neck.


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