Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . . . Christmastime

As the Christmas cards arrive each day - and I'm so thankful for 
each and every one - there are some which stand out as this
one has this year. It came across the pond from England 
already all bright and sparkly, however I ran with it and
added even more. With a touch of water color pencils, and a
 sprinkle of more silver glitter ~ it was waiting on the table nearby
 to be used for another Christmas project ~ it really pops!

Hope you stop over to see what our little art group has come
 up with for this week's wonderful theme CHRISTMASTIME.
Visit Michael, our host, here at SCRIBBLE PICNIC.

Amazing to think Christmas will be over at this time next week!
Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

My other 'glitter art project' - I'm creating little 
trees from vintage sheet music.
Now I must get to baking and wrapping!


  1. I like all the sparkles in there, it really says christmas.

    have a lovely holiday.

  2. Hi Mary :)) I LOVE your glittery projects! They are so beautiful and creative. I wish you such a Merry Christmas and am very happy to have met you! :) xx

  3. The trees made of sheet music are a lovely idea, even though it is sad to know that it means the vintage music sheets are no longer used or needed.
    Sparkly Christmas cards are the best, aren't they! The sideboard in my living room gets new additions on a daily basis - no doubt there will be a few late arrivals after Christmas, as there are every year, coming from far away. But like you, I appreciate each and every one of them, no matter when they arrive.

  4. Happy Christmas dear Mary, and may you and Bob have a wonderful time. Mincepie making for me tomorrow, and preparing a special vegetarian supper for six guests who all arrive on Thursday.
    Look forward to seeing all of your wonderful blog posts in 2018.

  5. Mary, One can never have too much glitter. Have a wonderful Christmas. Bonnie

  6. Love the glitter project! Very pretty.

  7. Your Christmastime card is sparkly and beautiful Mary!

  8. Beautiful sparkles...and Christmas does sparkle. The Christmas tree from vintage sheet music is so darling, and I must do that for a friend of mine who can no longer play the piano, due to a crippling illness.

  9. Love your glitter tree! What a unique and cleaver idea.

    Merry Christmas.

  10. How very pretty–both the ornament and the tree!
    Merry Christmas, Mary!

  11. I love your scribble and the little music tree sooooo much. Merry Christmas to you and Bob!

  12. You do stand out when it comes to unique thought and creativity, Mary. These are lovely Christmas decorations and I am with you ... wrapping and baking. Time is running out and Christmas will be here and then gone in what will feel like a split second. Enjoy this wonderful holiday, Mary, with family and friends ... Merry Christmas!

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  13. Lovely Christmas sketch, Mary, but I have to say that music sheet tree stole my heart. What a great idea!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  14. I so love getting Christmas cards - especially handmade ones. You've made this one very special indeed. I love your little tree - that is such a clever idea and it's going in my craft file for a future project. Hope you have the warmest of holidays and a stellar new year!

  15. Like Rain, I love your glitter projects too, Mary. You know, your bottom piece would have sufficed for the art co-op too as 3D is certainly in scope.

    Don't you just love English Christmas cards and, basically, English design all round? I always note that when looking at home decor magazine and invariably, my favourites turn out being from England, with "The English Home" being our favourite. In fact, we are packing the xmas edition to bring with us to look at whilst waiting at the airport Christmas Eve. :)

    Wishing you a marvelous xmas.


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