Monday, February 5, 2018

Changes being made. . . . . . . . . . .

Monday again and before practicing my Tai Chi (oooh! it's really 
hard to remember all the moves) for tonight's class, I feel like writing
 a 'fashion post' of sorts.

I'm making what hopefully will be some easier to manage wardrobe changes.
This winter I decided to start on minimizing my overloaded closet.
This doesn't mean I've yet completed this project by any stretch of
the imagination. . . . . . . .but I have made some changes and am
definitely working on more. When I pack away my cold weather clothes
come Spring I plan to donate everything I didn't wear.
At my age I don't require so many clothes hanging in closets, folded on
 shelves, and stacked in drawers.
I have some favorites I will never part with. I have many items of the past few
 years working perfectly for my lifestyle, but I also have a load of lesser loved
clothes which have run their course for one reason or another. 
This doesn't mean I'll never not shop for anymore clothes, shoes, bags etc.
Let's face it, I'm only human and admit to being a woman who loves fashion.
Also, between you and me, just today I ordered footwear. . . . . more on that
in another post!

What I'm wanting for my lifestyle when it comes to dressing at this time of my life, 
is a cut and dried plan where less is more. It's going to be hard but the outcome 
looks promising.  Sailing on ships where I've been limited to keeping my 
clothing at a minimum due to space, I've discovered life is a lot easier 
when you have less to choose from, and even more exciting when your
 creative side is tapped into.
I plan to follow the mantra of companies such as Cuyana
'Fewer, better things.' 
This embodies essential pieces for the modern woman
made from premium materials and well constructed.

Eileen Fisher also comes to mind and I often look for sales as regular
 prices are high, but I can vouch that her clothes wear very well, the
 fabrics are wonderful, my type of elegant fashion - styles are edgy and
 never look dated.
I'm also a great J.Jill fan (see below) of many years and have several
now 'almost vintage' pieces of their clothing still wearable and enjoyed.

I think back to my younger days when my wardrobe was similar, much more
 sparse (and what I'm aiming for again) mainly because my mother made
 many of my clothes, textiles were important to us, and I didn't find what I 
wanted to wear in affordable shops. These days, with so many options for
 purchasing trendy clothing at cut rate prices, it seems we are lured into
 buying far too much. This way of dressing is great for the young, however
 perhaps we mature women need less as we downsize not only our wardrobes,
 but also many other facets of our lives. 

All that said, as I go through my clothes choosing what to pack for my upcoming
somewhat 'wild trip', I decided I will take one dress after all!
Several years ago I purchased a really nice black textured knit dress from J.Jill -
in fact I liked it so much I bought another when it went on sale. 
For me it's actually a perfect length worn as an above the knee tunic over leggings
 so will be ideal on board the ship as we don't need to take formal clothes.
 This little dress can easily be 'dressed up' with scarves or jewelry for evening. 

That's something I plan to address also in another post.
Costume jewelry to be exact - not our keepsake pieces marking those
very special dates in our lives - all the other cheapo 'stuff' which gets crammed
 into jewelry boxes, little cloth drawstring bags, discarded chocolate boxes!!!
You know where I'm coming from don't you?

Hope this will be a great week wherever you are.
Any plans to reorganize your own wardrobe?
Tips will be appreciated.

The lovely Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo can help with
 organizing and more. I'm pulling my copy of Spark Joy out of the
 bookcase right now!
Please note, I'm not involved in any advertising on my blog - any companies' products I name are only because I use/wear the items myself. 


  1. Hi Mary :)) I think I am the polar opposite of you when it comes to fashion, i.e. I have none lol...But there was a time when I shopped at some very swanky stores and bought some really REALLY nice clothes, that was back in the day when I worked in an office and had a social life.

    Now though, I must admit, my wardrobe desires have to do with comfort - only comfort. Alex and I live the 'pajama life'. Since he works from home, and I don't work, we rarely leave the house. Our footwear consists of slippers, sandals and rain boots (with ice cleats in the winter!). We've become such 'mountain folk' that our dress up wardrobe is jeans, a nice shirt and our Outback hats! :) A big comfy robe is all I need most days as my fashion statement 'du jour' lol! :)

    Although, part of me thinks I have lost a little of my femininity as I stopped caring for fashion. I stopped wearing jewelry too. But...having said all that about comfort, you cannot BELIEVE what I spend at the lingerie store lol! :) I have every type of sleepwear and other wear :) that you can think of, very feminine, silky, frilly. I long for those slippers that the actresses wore in the 30's...the little slip on high heels with the pom poms on the toes! :)

  2. Way to go Rain - keep up the party atmosphere in your lovely woods. Hey, with pretty undies, good cheese, red wine and carrot cake, who needs party dresses! I love how you have embraced your 'mountain folk' lifestyle and share your life in the Laurentians on your great blog!
    Any empty cabins up your way, haha?
    Mary -

  3. Ha ha ha, no cabins, but will a shed with an outhouse work? LOL...Not even I would be caught in my pretty undies running to an outhouse lol!

  4. My wardrobe is very sad. I haven't bought anything new in several years. I keep waiting to lose 15 pounds. Hasn't happened.

  5. I adore J.Jill. That is where I buy all of my jeans and pants, plus occasionally something else. This winter I have been reorganizing and because I have room in my closet I divided my clothes on one side is winter and the other side is summer clothes. It is kind of fun to look in the closet and see a smaller amount there just for the season. Oh yes, I have two doors that go to my one closet. Today I went through all my jewelry too. My good pearls I am passing along to my daughter, a bunch of costume jewelry has been gleaned out and will go in a garage sale this coming summer. I feel lighter already. but like you, dear Mary, I do like fashion. I am sure from time to time there will be something new, but then something will have to go too.

  6. I always enjoy your fashion posts, Mary. I'm feeling the need for a few more clothes, transitional things that can be worn in spring and summer. Since I'm still working, I like to look more or less professional, although teaching wardrobes run the gamut from jeans to suits, it seems. My wardrobe has never been extensive as I'm quick to get rid of things that don't "feel" right when I'm wearing them. I'm in the process of sewing a few new things just now. I'm making an effort to purchase only natural fibres (or predominantly natural) in both ready-to-wear and fabric for sewing. It's more comfortable for me, and better for the planet, I think.

  7. Clothes and fashion... *sigh* I could go on and on about them! As I work at different offices for different clients nearly every day of the week but always travel there either by public transport or on foot, I need an everyday wardrobe that caters both for the business look as well as for the need to be warm and comfortable while walking and/or standing around on windswept platforms, waiting for trains that more often than not are late.
    On weekends, it depends on what we do; for walks and hikes, I pefer jeans and jumpers or proper hiking stuff; I have running outfits for warmer and colder weather, and when we go out for a meal or are invited to a party (or host one ourselves), I like to wear something a little more snazzy.
    My wardrobe undergoes sortings once or twice a year, and when I come across a pretty dress in a shop window, I find it very hard to resist - and mostly don't resist, but try it and buy it, if it suits me :-)

  8. Downsizing is always a good idea but parting with clothes and jewellery can be hard because they become a part of who we are. But I totally understand the need to do it.
    Can you point me to your email address? I've been looking for it to send you my mailing address but not sure where it is. Thank you.

    1. Loree, go to My Profile near top of right hand column of blog - where my photo is - and click on 'View My Complete Profile'. When it opens, on left hand side under my photo you will see Contact and under that Email (in blue), click there and it will open up.
      Mary -

  9. I am doing the same, Mary...I stay home a lot and have no need for tons of clothes, shoes and bags.

  10. I love your style, Mary. You always look very 'put together'. I think quality over quantity is best when choosing clothing and accessories. I've been carrying the same Kate Spade purse for 7 years (I switch in others, of course). I do wish I had your gift for packing lightly...please share when you prepare this upcoming trip.

    Jane x


  11. I have yet to read “Spark Joy” which is surprising considering how much I loved her first decluttering book!

    Isn’t it funny that as life moves on you want to move back to when you had less when younger? I think we end up having our fill. I know I feel that way with things but still wold like a bigger place. Ha.

    Speaking of JJill, we get packets of such addressed to the woman who lived here 10 years ago and have to keep sending back.

    Your dress sounds perfect for your next voyage. Enjoy.


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