Monday, February 19, 2018

It's all about HOME. . . . . . . .

I thought today I would chat a bit about home. 
This is a garden house for the birds, and probably my favorite with the tiny china bird 
on a nest perched on top. Birds have yet to nest in this home, maybe this will be the 
year, who knows.

It's a holiday for some, Presidents' Day, the day on the calendar now honoring
all American Presidents. It used to be a celebration of George Washington's birthday,
 things change! As this is not and never will be a political blog, I rest my case.

Staying home today is just like many other winter days. It's dreary, cool, raining off
 and on, but tomorrow and the rest of this week promises to be warm and sunny again. 
The weekend was fabulous and I did some required garden chores in hot sunshine
 under a cloudless deep blue sky.
Yesterday, early evening, we enjoyed a glass of wine of the front porch with a
 neighbor - sharing travel stories - until the coolness of dusk arrived and I had to
 reach for a sweater.

Yesterday I actually saw a pair of wrens flying around the gazebo with dried leaves
 in their bills - goodness it's much too early to be picking home sites and building nests! 
This winter I hung some of my bird houses in the fig tree out front - along with
 feeders and a few lanterns with battery operated candles which light up at
 dusk - and fortunately they've held up well through the drastic weather changes
 this season brought.

So, off to do some Monday kitchen chores - making leek and potato soup
 (a good day for soup of any kind), and trying a recipe I recently found for
 mushrooms and polenta. I'll share later if it turns out to be as tasty as promised.

Tonight is my Tai Chi class. It continues to be very interesting. . . . . and difficult!
 Practicing alone between classes is hard but I'm enjoying the class and will continue.
 I'll miss three March classes whilst in Patagonia so will have a lot to catch up with
 on my return!

Yes, going away again soon. Always fun, but thoughts of home will
accompany me on this exciting expedition adventure. . . . . . .as always.


  1. Dear Mary, Leek and Potatoe soup is my most favorite soup. I'm looking forward to your new recipe.

  2. We love it too Gina and I seem to be making a batch almost weekly! If there are leftovers for another day I sometimes add a can of lentil soup, grate in a carrot, or add a can of white cannellini beans which takes it to another level. With a piece of crunchy baguette or sometimes Kalamata olive bread, it's an easy, hopefully healthy, quick meal. . . . . . and I'm still able to pick parsley from the garden pot to toss in for some fresh greenery!

    The mushrooms are cooked in a new way in the recipe I mentioned - I will make that tomorrow as I have class tonight.
    Hugs - Mary

  3. Yes, it is a good day for soup making. I'll be starting a pot of split pea as soon as I finish blog reading. Your Leek and Potato soup sounds delicious as do the additions you mention in comments.
    Tai Chi came highly recommended to me by my chiropractor. I tried it for awhile and felt rather uncoordinated at times. I think the key might be to stick with it until it becomes easier. I may need to give it another chance.
    How exciting to have another trip on the horizon. I look forward to your posts and photos. It's almost as good as taking a vacation :).
    By the way, your new header is lovely. Might I ask which photo editing sight (if any) you use to make them. Prior to getting my new computer I think I was using PicMonkey. I had it stored in my favorites which seemed to be missing when they were transferred over. I'm long overdue for an updated header.

    1. Split pea is yummy and comforting too Kim!
      Tai Chi is not easy and the only way is to stick with it and practice. I'm bad as I don't do that between classes - life is too busy! Missing the March classes will not help but I can't not go on the expedition trip, haha!

      Made this header in a rush today - I do use PicMonkey for everything, including the headers using COLLAGE which is so easy - and I edit my photos there too - love it and have no patience to learn more complicated programs such as Photoshop at this time of life!!!!!

      Love it when you stop by, thanks.
      Mary -

  4. I am also in cold days and waiting for warmer days increasing.

  5. Love that sweet bird house Mary. We have been puttering around our new house getting things done. I have a lot to share, but the weather is not cooperating. We have had nothing but rain and fog the last few days and our weather looks like it is going to be this way for a week. I love potato leak soup and your mushroom dish sounds wonderful!

  6. Home is a lovely place to be, especially on wintry days. Your potato leek soup sounds delicious and warming, and I also love mushrooms with polenta. It's cold here these days, with high cloud today and a bit of sun burning through.


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