Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday garden and thoughts. . . . . . . .

Wow, time flies!  Here it is Monday again and this will be a crazy, busy week for me.
I managed to prepare a few posts over the weekend.
 I was fed up with trying to decide what to pack for Patagonia. . . . . and how to fit 
it all into a large rolling duffel . . . . . so took short breaks from looking at piles
 of layering clothes and tons of toiletries all over the bed, shot a few photos 
around the garden, and wrote some posts to share this week. 

Last evening I collapsed in my chair with a glass of red and two chocolates!!
 To hell with the prednisone weight gain, I'm tired of fighting that issue for
 the past year. 
Absolutely loved watching that hour and a half series finale of VICTORIA
 which I thought amazing! Did you see it?

NO, your acorns are not buried here! Guess they'll continue digging in my pots of tulip
bulbs and pansies whilst I'm gone.

The saucer magnolia continues to brighten the February garden.

Plenty of garden chores will have to wait 'til April.

The daffodils and jonquils brought 'sunshine' to a somewhat cloudy weekend 
with a few showers.

So here's to the week ahead. Know you are freezing in the UK - even the
 English Channel is turning to ice along the Devon coast where my family lives, 
and severe storms caused by Siberian winds with snow and ice are heading
 across England from north to south for much of this week.

So take care wherever you are. . . . . . and do stop by tomorrow as it's a
 special anniversary for me!


  1. Great photos Mary. I always find it hard to pack for a trip!

  2. Dear Mary, Thanks for the smile on my face. Love every photo and love every word.

  3. Love your photos, Mary. So nice to see blooming flowers again. We still have a long way to go with that. Did not know you were on Prednisone - I know it has terrible side effects, so I'm sorry. Red wine and a little bit of chocolate are good for you!

  4. Your garden is looking just wonderful. Once in the while we do have to say "to hell with it". Yes, I did watch Victoria this morning. I loved it all.

  5. Loved seeing your spring flowers, such a beautiful magnolia and of course my personal favourite the pretty daffodils. I haven't watched Victoria although I've heard good things about it.

  6. Freezing here, too, Mary, not just in the UK... -11 Celsius last night, and -10 this morning as I got up... Not looking forward to standing around on windswept platforms today, waiting for the trains taking me to today's work place!
    The magnolia is fantastic, it will take many more weeks here before we see anything like it.
    What does prednisone mean? I have never heard the word.

    1. Prednisone is a steroid medication used, in my case, to treat Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR). It is the ONLY med which takes away the pain, and does have side effects such as weight gain!
      Here's the link to my post explaining this illness when I had my first bout of this painful condition in 2012 - then I had another flare last April just prior to the trip to Sicily. I'm gradually being weaned off the med again as you can't just stop! Fortunately I'm pain-free now. . . . . . . but several pounds heavier, grrrrrrrr!
      Mary -


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