Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wet Sunday in the garden. . . . . . . . . .

There are no trumpets welcoming the imminent arrival of a new
season, just a quiet pushing through the ground of bright green tips, the
 silent opening of buds, then pops of unexpected color as one looks out
 at the early morning.

Doesn't seem possible that well over a week of February has already
 disappeared into history! 
The days fleet fast for me at this time of life, how about you? 
Some people complain of days such as this one when the weather
is not to their liking. . . . . . whereas I gather each day around me thankful
it came and that I'm here to enjoy it.

February can be dreary, but this morning in my garden, I spy little things
 Nature is sharing to brighten my spirit, to be thankful for, to smile at, and
to know there is another Spring on the way.

 ~ Raindrops on daffodil leaves ~

~ Tufts of bluebell leaves pushing through garden mulch ~

~ First daffodil bloom of the year ~

~ Buds are opening ~

Today was already 60F at dawn, rain fell in the night, pansies are happy. . . . . . 

. . . . . . and the robins are back searching for worms - here's just a few of perhaps
 thirty who gathered on the front lawn!

Later today it will reach the mid-70's with perhaps some thunder.
The rain is light and intermittent - typical of February here in the 

My thoughts this morning:

A Sunday in the cottage makes sense - there is much to do with our 
leaving home drawing closer.

I should bake something - or perhaps make a trifle! 

I need to clean the front porch as the beastly cute squirrels pulled the 
birdseed bell down, gobbled it up and left a mess!

Speaking of plants - we so enjoyed Raleigh Little Theatre's rendition of 
Little Shop of Horrors last evening!
Great cast as always, and special guests seated at the end of our row were 
North Carolina's Governor and First Lady, laughing along with the 
rest of us. I was happy to see them supporting this always fabulous local 
amateur theatre group.


  1. It looks like spring at your house Mary! Since we moved in here in October, and the landscaping was not part of our contract with the builder, we are looking out at dirt here. I am looking forward to spring so I can get outside and work, creating a garden, fire pit area, cutting garden, etc.

  2. I do love our winters because the temperatures are so much cooler but I think that Spring is my favourite season. The colours here can be quite incredible at that time of the year.

  3. What a wonderful sounding Sunday. The pansy picture is so stunning with the light edge to the blooms. Naughty squirrels! Yes, time travels too fast on most days, then there are the days I wish would just go away. Ha! Never happy, must learn to accept each day as it comes.

  4. How lovely is your garden, Mary. First daffodil, and gorgeous purple pansies, as well as a flock of red robins. I would never want to leave! A night at the theatre is always fun, especially with a bit of celebrity spotting too :)

  5. Spring is on it's way .... Hurrah !!! I just noticed that the roses opposite my kitchen window are sprouting ... it won't be long before we start seeing all those lovely fresh green shoots and blossom Mary. Such a wonderful time of year. XXXX

  6. You have robins and a daffodil in bloom!! My goodness, spring is really coming fast to your area. We are far behind, but that is okay, each day is precious. (I have seen a grackle a couple of days.)
    Farm Gal in VA


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