Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Scribble Picnic. . . . . . . . Let's Dance

Most little girls, and some boys, go into ballet with dreams of 
becoming true dancers.  All, well most, decide for themselves to take 
up this form of dance known for its atheticism as well as its beauty.
I tried, didn't you?  
The thought of some day tying up those pink satin toe shoes once
 I'd graduated from just regular black or pink soft leather ballet slippers, 
kept me going for some time, however I never made it to going 'en pointe'
 for some reason. 
My love for the ballet continued though, even to this day, it's still 
the dance I would love to be able to perform, and definitely
 enjoy watching.

The theme this week for Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC - click to join in - is
Stop over HERE to see what our dancing artists have
come up with - I just know they are probably dancing for joy with
 this challenge!


  1. I got onto pointe just before I turned 40 - lasted about a year!

  2. Mary, we are so like minded in these themes. I chose ballet slippers too, but I'm not the dancer. Our shoes look like the same ones...only my are hanging... It such a beautiful art form. You are right...every little girls dream.

  3. You and Wanda :) Lovely lovely pink slippers! I never tried ballet myself, but I think it's every little girl's dream too as Wanda said. :) I did do some Scottish country dancing which was fun but very hard! I'll stick to my 80's style of dancing lol! :)

  4. I did do ballet lessons, lovely pointe shoes Mary!

  5. Wonderful pointe shoes! The beautiful grittiness of your marks reminds me of how my toes used to feel being 'en pointe'.

  6. Lovely sketch, Mary! Back in my late teens, I took ballet lessons for a very brief period of time before deciding it just wasn't for me. Lovely to watch though.

  7. One of the things that my parents did for myself and my two sisters was letting us take dancing lessons even though it was very taxing on the family budget. I loved it. My sisters - not so much. I never had pink toe shoes, ours were black and I remember my mother sewing the ribbons on and darning the toes. What was more comfortable, lamb's wool or foam in the toes - I don't remember any more. This is a lovely interpretation of the theme and brings back many memories.

  8. Oh never tried ballet myself but I love the shoes, I have a old pair just for decoration...
    Have a lovely week, take care!

  9. What a wonderful choice, Mary. I never tried ballet mainly because my mother taught modern dance so I was always in her classes. But I have some lovely ballet memories because my mother and then later my sister both played a roll in the play "You Can't Take It With You". Their part required that they dance about the stage in ballet shoes, so both of them learned and practiced the art at home. I also love a ballet performance and really all forms of dance. I think it is in my genes :) Your picture is beautifully done, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. When I saw that word "Dance" in your heading I thought how is Mary going to pull that one off. I love it! Oh yes, as a young girl I wanted to take ballet and any dance for sure; but it was not to be. So in my thirties I finally took ballet. It was a dream come true. I still have my shoes, though I don't dance any longer. My final performance was on the stage at the rose gardens where you and I once walked. I was forty years old for that dance.

  11. This is beautiful, Mary, and def captures the elegance of the ballet. Thank you so much. I love the lettering you added too.
    I have so many memories of my own to do with ballet and no, not from doing it, but my younger sister did ballet all the way up until about 16 when she had got to en pointe but broke her toe and that was that. Her dreams of becoming a ballerina were dashed, sadly. She was always so elegant, and while she has nothing to do with me most of our lives and we only ever meet at parents’ weddings or more recently, mother’s Funeral, she remains to this day a picture of elegance and beauty. you can tell she learned poise through all those years of ballet as she walks so gracefully.
    We used to go to the ballet about once every few yearrs growing up, mainly at the Barbican to see Nutcracker, Swan Lake etc so I had my fill and did not go for decades until taking Alexandra to see her first ballet— The Nutcracker, performed by the Russian Ballet in DEnver. It was actually probably the best of all of them, oddly enough.
    Thank you for another wonderful entry. BTw, I have set aside time this weekend to catch up with the bloggers I read the most, a handful, and yours will be on the list! So, just you wait....! :)
    Right, I’m off to go scrummage around for any left over sandwiches. All this dancing has left me famished! :)


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