Friday, November 19, 2010

Lights, camera.......action!

Lots of excitement at Suzanna's and the Vintage Village this morning.  A TV crew filmed the shop for a local cable access company documentary..........perhaps some of our pretties will be on the silver screen on a future Sunday morning!   Above, you see the mom and daughter angel owners, Susie and Jenny, flitting about in their holiday finery, ready for their screen debut!

These may not be champagne bottles - altho' we probably should take one over to the shop to celebrate, after hours of course.  Gail, who works at SuzAnna's, crafts pretty things and these are currently displayed in our booth and would make a great gift......numbers are definitely popular now.

I just know this gal was never on television before.......

................and Joy Phil must have been surprised when the camera caught him stuffed in a Ball jar, meanwhile he hopes he gets to hang on someone's tree soon!

Debra, who has two fabulous booths (I always want her pretties!), managed to display her amazing French wooden grotto, just a glimpse here, in time for the camera............................

...............and although the warm temperatures and sunshine mean our hats are still waiting at home with the mufflers and gloves, these beautiful hand-knitted ones from a local lady's dexterous fingers will soon be snapped up when the weather changes.

Sweet sisters Debbie and Susan have a second shop in the Vintage Village for the season....and as Susan is a florist you know the wreaths, table displays, and Christmas trees are truly fabulous.

If you're in Raleigh, NC this weekend, the weather will be glorious, the trees are showing peak color and are brilliant this year, do stop by the Vintage Village on Durant Road.......all shops will be open and crammed with beautiful, affordable merchandise for holiday shopping.


  1. Every thing looks lovely Mary. Hope you can get some stills to post from the TV program for all us who aren't in NC right now.

  2. You really are amazing! Some-make that all of your pictures are breathtaking!!

  3. Oh, I want to come to Raleigh! Carla

  4. Love everything Mary! I really love the nativity set...something I would like to have.
    You always take the best photos.
    Pamela xo

  5. How fabulous to have a film crew there!! Were you ready for your closeup Mr. De Mille?

    As always...loving your goods!


  6. I love those crochet angels. Beautiful. Can they be found online or in shop only? Tammy

  7. Wish, wish I could be there. Maybe if I close my eyes and click my heels I will.

  8. More eye-candy! Love seeing your beautiful photos.
    ~ Sarah

  9. What a lot of lovely things! That board tree is very sweet.

  10. Enjoyed visiting with you today and eying all your vintage things. I really like the crochet angels.

  11. Love those hats! I might have to pick up my crochet again this winter!


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