Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another burlap beauty..................

It's amazing how something this case a coffee sack, can be restored to a new life as something stylish for the home.  With burlap and rustic textured fabrics popular in interior decor these days, items such as chairs, ottomans, pillows, even draperies, seem to be popping up made from all types of crusty country fabrics.  I have my share of European grain sacks made into pillows strewn about on sofas and beds............and even the chair here at the dining room table has been upholstered in a beautiful sack I brought back from France.

The gorgeous coffee sack table runner was a recent unexpected gift made by my generous friend Vanessa.  She knows I love this look, and especially anything with writing ~ it's perfect on the farm table.
It's also responsible - at least for these photos - for a much-needed clearing of the table which seems to have become my desk. 

So, good morning from my blogging spot. I'm looking out at greening grass and thick Moonflower vines twining rampantly around the porch in their last Summer hurrah...........following a night of thunder and pouring rain.  I feel Autumn in the air at last.


  1. I love your coffee table runner Mary. About a year ago I bought several coffee sacks. I recovered a stool with one, and the rest are in my cabinet awaiting some inspiration...

    We have had rain here since Sunday and it is not suppose to be sunny until Saturday. Perfect weather for me to be in my studio making mosaics for the vendor night at the event I will be at in October.

  2. I love it, sweet of Vanessa. It goes very well with your dining room!

    Hooray for your rain! The Moonflowers sound beautiful!


  3. I love it and the way it looks on your table.

    Have a great day, Mary.


  4. Oh Mary how I love this look! Your table is so lovely! That coffee sack table runner just has to be very special ...what a wonderful friend!!

    xxoo Gert

  5. What a lovely table runner and your words did entwine in lovely images. I could just picture you sitting there writing to us.

  6. Dear Mary, it looks so beautiful in your dining table! Next time I find a pretty faded blue sack, I will be thinking of you, perhaps a new gift? Love you lots! Vanessa

  7. Love it, Mary! Limited computer time, but stopping by for a quick hello. Arrived at Maggie's this afternoon. ;-)
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  8. That table runner is delicious! How nice of her to give it to you.... does she have one for me too. ;-)

  9. Mary you have the best taste!!!! I love love your dining room. The colours and textures are so beautiful. I love this burlap and the colour of your hutch!
    Truly a beautiful home you have!

    Pamela xo

  10. I love your table runner Mary-it is fabulous!!

  11. It's been a busy week in Texas, I'm just getting to look at your beautiful room. You've inspired my to clean my table - don't tell anyone - I may even dust. You blog is just what I needed this morning.

  12. What a lovely gift! Finding useful things from the past is always so much better. Yours is very pretty too!


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