Thursday, September 15, 2011

To shop or not to's not really a question!

I'm already missing wearing my 'shopkeeper hat' and being considered a bit of an 'antiques dealer'. For the past year, these tags, lovingly made (recall my primer here for dyeing the very plain tags in leftover morning coffee, baking slowly to set aged wrinkles in the warm oven, then stamping and threading with silky cord) are now lying dormant with nothing pretty or elegant to dangle from!

All around my cottage I have many treasures found at SuzAnna's Antiques over the past several years when I was a happy shopper.   Then I decided to become more involved and rented a booth.  I then discovered I was shopping mainly for items to sell.........not bring home.  As much as enjoyed hunting for treasures to share with others, my home decorating projects came to a standstill with no time to wield paint brushes or revamp a room.  

Does this mean I can shop for my cottage again?  Yippee!  Only problem now is one of the major reasons I've had to give up my booth...........I'm off on some amazing trips in the upcoming months, so there still won't be much time for any shopping or painting around here for some time!

As for the tags - they'll be perfect on gifts so will be used up eventually. 
Thanks so much to all who supported my booth, either by purchasing something special for your home, or a gift, or for just stopping by to look and say nice things which made my efforts so worthwhile.


  1. I still miss those days dear... we had a wonderful time, and I'm thankful for that. I have always dedicated your time and love to making the booth beautiful and interesting. You're amazing! Love, Vanessa

  2. Good morning Mary. I love that mirror and the room reflected in it. Beautiful! I'm sorry you had to give up your shop after all your hard work. I know I enjoyed looking at your shop when you shared it on here. So you're off on more adventures. That will be so much fun and in the meantime you can add to your personal collection by shopping for your home. :) Win Win. Have a great day. Pamela

  3. I'm sure you must miss the excitement of your stall....but you have got some other exciting things to look forward to, it seems!

  4. I can understand with all of your traveling, deciding to give up the booth. It would be really hard to keep it up. You always have lovely things there....and I loved the name of your booth.

  5. I do love the tags Mary!

    I am going to try my hand at your technique for Christmas gift tags. I can see the packages now, brown kraft paper, lightly stamped, burnished gold or bronze satin ribbon, and the tags stamped with a lovely fir tree stamp that I purchase long ago...

    See what an inspiration you are?

  6. Oh Mary .....that mirror!!! I see life is treating u well! I can't wait to see pics of your upcoming journies! I agree booths are a distration from the enjoyment of decorating your own pad! I have bought a few pieces for the house and not for the booth, I am so proud! Everything is well, look forward to your next visit to The Depot. We are now over 525 booths! Can u believe it? I have actually been spending my days off with my little dog, Scooter, he has a herniated disc or tumor in his neck, waiting to go get MRI of it now. It breaks my heart, I have cried over this little fellow for weeks now. I pray it is just arthritus. He is such my little buddy. Hope to hear from you soon, take care, hugs, Janna

  7. The tags will be perfect for attaching to gifts.
    I can see how you might be a little mournful at giving up your booth, but anxious, too, and excited about the upcoming travels. Lucky us, to read your posts from afar.

  8. Dear Mary, your mirror is gorgeous and the lables are a delight. Totally understand your reasons for giving up the booth - and who knows you're not saying you may have another one in the future!

  9. Love your many ideas..Keep them coming
    your Calming music is lovely to hear first thing inthe morning

  10. Hello Mary,
    Sure enjoy your wonderful pictures and stories of your life.
    Thank you,
    Julia D.

  11. It was a pleasure to look at all your updates – you have so many beautiful pictures. I was amused by one of your pictures called “vintage treasures” as I saw two things in there I use in my kitchen – but then I am vintage too. I also liked that painting by Frederick Childe Hassam – he is one of my favorite painters. What a fabulous time you had in California – I can’t believe how blue the lake was and the sky too!

    Trips do take a lot of time – for preparation and then the time away from home. I am constantly telling my blogging friends “I am behind reading posts….” but traveling is great fun, isn’t it?

  12. And we want to do it all, play, decorate, sip coffee with a friend, and dance in the moonlight. If only we could do it all. I know you will miss the shop, but oh the play you will be doing. I love tags like those and have done a few with tea stains.

  13. Hi Mary, I had an inkling you were giving up your booth when I was visiting Penny. I have wanted to pop over to your blog but we were in Fl for visiting two of our daughters and their families and Gator football. We arrived home last night. Life here is busy as always. I understand why you felt the need to give up your booth. You travel so much and a booth is really a lot of work if you want to keep it fresh and interesting. I have been there and done that. It is like having a pet that always needs your attention. You have to feed it too. Smile. It will be a nice release and peace of mind so don't feel too bad.

    Best of luck with your surgery tomorrow dear. I will call you when we are in Raleigh to see how you are doing.

    Take care,

  14. I know exactly how you feel! I love looking for treasures, and I love working on my home. A few months ago however a friend and I decided to get a booth.Unfortunately, we both had so much stuff it did not make sense to share, so now we have our own. I really did not want to go down that path, I have a full time job, and travel for work and pleasure and now I have a garage full of stuff for my booth but no time to work on it. What a pain in the butt.

  15. I would have loved to have seen your booth, but now I can see what you will buy for home, and bring back from your trip!
    Take Care,

  16. We were walking down the street of our little town, years ago and sitting outside the door of an antique shop was a mirror much like yours .. long and skinnier with a painting of a young girl in the top panel. We had that mirror for over 20 years.. Moving from NY to Fl one year on the coldest day of the year, the mirror was ruined .. all the antique "silver" crumbled off the glass .. we wanted to put new mirror in it but it would have looked awful :)


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