Monday, September 26, 2011

A different shade of pumpkin!

I recently shared discovery of the Instagram App in this post.  If you have a smart phone this photo editing App is available and was fabulous I thought.  Yesterday I was invited to upgrade to the new version on my iPhone so happily clicked on Install without a second thought!  Do you do that on your phone or computer?  This is a big NO-NO.  Always go read reviews's only there will you see one of two things, fantastic positive comments OR really nasty negative ones!

In this case the nasty negatives seem to be winning!
At first I was with them, disappointed that there were changes I thought unnecessary also.  I agree that the photos appear somewhat darker - something one can always change once they are on your computer - but today using the App I'm becoming more positive.  They have added four new filters and several other features.  I found that powering the iPhone down and restarting, per their suggestion, helped, and going online and reading more about the changes and how to use them efficiently has give me a new perspective. 

Anyway, I was almost not going to buy any pumpkins this Fall because I'll be away so long, however I couldn't resist just a few to pop into containers, especially my favorite white ones.

At the pumpkin patch I also found this unusual one which to me looks very 'shabby chic'.  It's a pale shell the color of a butternut squash, covered with what resemble barnacles.......quite different and I like it.

All photos taken using the Instagram App, version 2....and quite honestly I like them too.


  1. Mary, I'm glad you couldn't resist the pumpkins. They are charmingly "at home" where you've placed them.

    I like the photos, too!

  2. My knowledge of mobile phones, apps & all that "stuff" is zero!
    But, I love what you've done here, so atmospheric.
    The white barnacled pumpkin is fab.

  3. I think your photos are charming, Mary.

    I haven't done in seasonal decorating yet. We are in the midst of a dining room redesign, and I have a mess.

  4. Hi Mary, Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about you! I stopped my blog some time back. But I do check in now and then and see what is going on with you. Hugs, Donna

  5. Love your pumpkins. On another blog I saw someone spray paint her pumpkin turquoise and it gave me the idea to spray paint pumpkins. Now I want to play, maybe cut out contact paper, put on the pumpkin, then spray it white, remove the contact paper when dry, and see the orange pattern. Could be fun.

  6. That is a French pumpkin/squash which I don't know the name of right off hand. I had some growing, but with the terrible growing season I only had one little one which proceeded to rot! Try again next summer!
    Take Care,


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