Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New fun with pics..................

Hey, not often, but sometimes I forget to take a camera along with me.  I've not been too excited using my phone as a camera...........until now!

I recently added the Instagram App to my's a lot of fun being able to shoot, edit with one click to use one of several vintage filters, and then e-mail it directly to my MacBook ready to post here......all within just a couple of minutes.

This one is of my dear friend Vanessa's lovely calm and relaxing room when I visited last week - two versions using different Instagram filters.

BTW, this exciting App is FREE - don't you love that part - and you can also send your pics to friends and family faster than the speed of light, or close to it!

These shots from around my house this morning may give you a good idea as to what's available if you use a smart phone and like to play with your photos without using a complicated editing program.  There is a normal setting but of course if you are a vintage freak and like slightly grainy, off-color, ragged edges, and film effects, as I do, I think you may want to add this Instagram App. Go ahead, have fun seeing your pics in a new way, fast.

P.S.  Anyone noticing the new way of enlarging photos to view - if you click on one the entire list shows up at the bottom and you can click on each one in succession.  Looks like Blogger's at it again, changes, always changes!


  1. This app is so cool! I gotta get a smart phone myself! I bet I would be having a lot of fun with this tools. Have a beautiful day dear! Love, Vanessa

  2. Love the vintage looks of the pictures Mary. I have a regular old cell phone that does take pictures, but isn't one that has Apps...

    The Movable Feast at Biltmore we attended was the first one. They said they are planning to do one in May. I will let you know when I hear about it. We would love you and Bob to come!

  3. I have a similar app on my android phone. Never thought I'd use it, until now. :)

    This might be fun for Thanksgiving or Christmas photos!

  4. Mary, love those pictures!! Good for you trying new things!! Good job!!

  5. These are lovely! I don't even know how to use my phone camera...

  6. Wow! What a cool app. I have a droid so I do not think there is anything like this. No matter, the camera still comes in handy.

    I am so excited for your adventure and so enjoy following along as you gear up to go.

  7. Great photos Mary!!

    I love your friend's living room!
    Pamela xo

  8. You're way ahead of me in the latest tech gadgets...! Yes, I noticed what Blogger has done with the photos...not sure yet what I think of it...I kinda liked being able to view photos one by one as I came to them in a post.

  9. My dear .... first I have to go out and buy myself an Iphone! Like you, I love those old vintage photoesque looks.

  10. I have a couple of free apps on my phone and I love them all. Amazing that you can be holding the phone none too still and the picture still comes out great! Wouldn't all cameras be great like that!

    Vanessa's room is beautiful as are all your pictures!


  11. Cool!!! I love this smart phone app. I don't have a smart phone though. And this new blogger photo enlarger thingy is pretty neat. I wonder what else they've been up to. Thanks for the info on these things. Technology is changing every minute it seems. Pamela

  12. Lots of fun, isn't it, fooling around with photos!

  13. I will have to check this out on Blogger. I usually go into the HTML to change the size of my picture.

  14. I love all of your pics, and maybe one day I might have a smart phone to use that app.


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