Friday, October 30, 2020

This was the week . . . . . . .

Good Morning and good news. . . . . . . the house next door was sold
 and the closing was on Tuesday.

Two months with new owners who at first planned to raze it and build a
 fancy larger home for themselves, then made the decision to sell it on as 
they apparently couldn't fit their 'dream home' on that size lot - thank goodness!

Many people viewed the property offered 'as is', but as major renovations are
needed to bring the house back into shape, wouldn't pay the asking price.
Our new neighbor, Frank, in his early forties, we feel is going to be really
 nice - having chatted with him briefly to date.

Back view of the house next door.

I'm looking forward to  hearing what his plans are for the renovation. 
It may be a while before he moves in but yesterday there were
already people at house with cameras, laptops and clipboards etc. 
perhaps planning interior renovations/changes/updates etc.

The weather is changing. 
Yesterday's fall out from the most recent hurricane to make its final sweep
 across North Carolina, brought some rain and very strong winds. 
Acorns are almost over at last, it's now leaves, leaves, and a million more
 leaves, sailing through the air, piling up along the roadside curbs, and 
covering the garden which means plenty of raking and blowing ahead.

I love my newest mug, one of the many great birthday gifts received from 
granddaughter Jasmin.  Look at that naughty 'exploring' squirrel on the handle.

I also have a new book with a very interesting cover, a birthday gift from
 dear friend Ruth in England who knows what I enjoy reading and always
 picks amazing stories to share. 
This will be the perfect color mug for my coffee while turning the pages.

Autumn inspired breakfasts started this week.
Some days hot oatmeal, today and often, yogurt with toppings such as
 these, dried cranberries, chia seeds, muesli with nuts and oats etc.

Before the weather changed - time for some clean up jobs
 around the garden. . . . 

. . . . . and some perfect days of sunshine and warmth before the leaves started
their change to rust, orange and shades of brown.

Colorful flowers are almost gone other than a few dahlias and re-blooming 
azaleas in the front garden, however the camellias in the back are blooming
 now. . . . . and, as you can see, the newly sown grass is doing well.


  1. So glad your new neighbor is not planning on tearing down that house! I am still busy here house whispering. I am not as fast as I use to be lol.

  2. Friends in New Orleans also said it was the wind that caused the most damage with Zeta blowing through. It's good a new homeowner came along next door. Bigger is definitely not better in my book. Your garden is still looking so lovely. The camellias are very pretty. Take care.

  3. What a relief to know that there isnt going to be a huge mansion next door.

  4. Dearest Mary,
    That sounds like some exciting months ahead for you in your little nook.
    Hoping that they manage to renovate and update the house for some economic living while saving on energy. If the insulation is good and roof has no leaks, they're already on their way.
    You have something in common with us, a white picket fence... If you put in picket fence in the search bar to the top right on my blog, you find several posts with them.
    LOVE your stunning red camellias and of course your cute squirrel cup.
    Enjoy it and also your breakfast. We eat Trader Joe's 0 % fat Greek yogurt (it contains the lowest sugar level for my strict diet) and fresh fruits, chia seeds and from Whole Foods some Soy Lecithin Granules. It's called brain power too... Now, after having biked together 11 km with 22°C weather, windy however... we will have our cup of green tea with mixed unsalted nuts.
    The weather went down from 29°C to this and we too had very heavy wind on Thursday night. Three pots with mums got blown off the retainer wall. Nothing broken.

    PS Enjoy the afterglow of your double digit birthday!

    1. Thanks Mariette. Love Trader Joe's for so many things - but upset with them this week as I've just found their awesome Wasabi Mayo has been discontinued! I loved it.

  5. Excellent news Mary. The cottage next door looks cute from that angle, and I hope the renovations work out well for the new owner. What a great mug, with a squirrel on it - I would love that too :) Change of season is definitely happening, and your garden is prepared for Winter. The camellias are gorgeous, such a lovely flower. xxx

  6. So happy that you have a new new neighbor who will not be tearing that charming home down. Phew!

    Your breakfast looks delicious and healthful.

  7. I know how strong you felt about the house next door being demolished so I'm relieved to hear someone is going to bring it back to life. Thank the Lord!!!

    You still have so much more color in your garden, we have mums and some pansies which are slowly fading. Thank goodness for evergreens!

    Sending love and of course, prayers for good health. I'll send off an email soon.

    Jane ❤️

  8. What Elizabethd said!

    The camellias must be a joy, brightening fall that way.

  9. The glimpse of your neighbour's house looks lovely - a just right, not too big, not too small house. I hope the new owner really settles in well.

    1. He was here yesterday and started by removing the popcorn ceilings. Will have so much more to do but seems happy with his home purchase. Plans to actually move in in December.

  10. What good news that your neighbour is going to cherish the house and rennovate.

  11. That's great news about the house! I thought it was such a shame that it was going to be pulled down, now I am glad it will be allowed to remain.


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