Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter greetings -

~ Easter Breakfast ~

We love these easy to make Pistachio Muffins (click for the recipe) all
 year round. Being green they are perfect for Springtime and Easter.

A perfect pot of lilies with seven buds - an Easter gift from a dear friend.
I will plant them in the garden later and hope for a rebloom next year.

~ Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed Easter ~


  1. Pistachio muffins - wow - you should start a bakery. Actually, I'd love to have been a baker - there's something wonderful about the process, as well as the taste of course... though I don't think I'd have lasted long or made much money - for I'd eat too much of my output!

  2. Yes! A blessed Easter to you. Those muffins look spectacular.

  3. Dear Mary,
    You're celebrating it beautifully. Love to you and Mr. B.

  4. Happy Easter to you too, dear Mary. I love your bunnies.

  5. Dearest Mary,
    Excellent photos with your Pistachio muffins!
    Your garden is looking lovely too with the Japanese Magnolias and the Dogwoods in bloom.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  6. I must try the Pistachio muffins! I hope you have had a great Easter too :)
    Love from Titti

  7. You have the loveliest decorations. Spring is looking beautiful over there. And those muffins are looking mighty fine. Blessings to you and yours.

  8. Happy, happy Easter Mary .... your buns look amazingly delicious & I love your bunnies ! XXXX

  9. Your pistachio muffins look delicious and I remember you posting the recipe. Your lilies and bunnies are lovely. I hope your Easter was great.

  10. Your muffins would indeed be perfect for Easter morning.
    What a pretty lily too.
    I love seeing everyone's bunnies and you have some cuties!
    Hope it was a special day!

  11. Those pistachio muffins look great, I have to check out the recipe. Love the decorative sticks on them!

  12. Happy Easter, Mary and Bob! I do love all your little bunnies. And your muffins are so tempting. I looked at the recipe and it sounds delicious and easy enough for a lazy cook like me. It's 80 here today, but should be cooling a few degrees again soon. However, I am afraid there will be no escaping the hot weather on the horizon . . .


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