Thursday, April 1, 2021

Saturday was wild!

As I mentioned in my 'foggy' Monday post, last Saturday was quite a
 crazy day around here, or at least it felt that way perhaps due to all the
 hundreds of quiet, mediocre days of this past year!

I brought home extra flowers to enjoy over the weekend - the ranunculus
 (above) because I thought them so beautiful and don't often see them so
 reasonably priced as these were at Trader Joe's.

Tulips are available everywhere right now so I mixed three bunches, white, 
yellow and double orange. They will not last for Easter this coming
weekend so I may have to buy more.

Saturday early, made my way through the fog to pick up farm eggs at the local 
outdoor market just minutes from home. Because I fancied a walk I put the
 eggs in the car, grabbed my phone and took off around the Midtown shopping
 area. Most people were masked so I felt safe (and of course I've been
 vaccinated). Some shops were open............including a favorite which I hadn't
 put a foot in for over a year, Anthropologie!  I took a look, mostly at home
 decor items, not clothes, and bought a wedding gift for friends who will be
 married this month.

Great feeling - a brief, colorful shopping trip. . . . . . . 

. . . . sad feeling, one of our favorite restaurants now closed due to COVID.

Back at home the day proceeded, did a little Easter decorating, just simple
 with my always pleased to see white rabbits who hopped out of their attic
 storage box. . . . . . . and colorful faux eggs.

As Saturday was our anniversary we decided it was a good excuse for a
 restaurant visit - just our second in this past year! More places have 
opened back up with distanced seating both indoor and out.

It clouded up as we left the house just after 4:30 pm and then torrential
 rain started. As we parked the car then hurried across the parking lot, the
 loudest thunder clap ever with terrifying zigzagging lightning scared the
 you know what out of us as we made a mad dash for the restaurant. 

 Clinking my glass of rosé with Bob's beer, and enjoying the first bite into
 my shrimp wrap with side Cesar salad, my phone rang and our neighbor
told us that a huge oak tree had fallen at the end of our street, bringing 
down poles and live wires. It was likely we wouldn't be able to get home
 in the car for some time (we live on a cul-de-sac with only one
 way in and out). The other news was our power was out!

Long story short, the tree thankfully caused no property damage, just
 blocked the road for hours until cut up and removed. 
The power company arrived and worked diligently to restore power under
watchful eyes of the Police keeping the area safe, and we got home
from the restaurant, parked our car nearby and walked through the woods
to get to the dark house! With nothing to do at home but sit with candles 
and flashlights, we later walked to the end of the street, met a bunch of 
neighbors doing the same, and all had a good hour of distanced chitchat
 as the chain saws and bucket trucks worked their magic to get us back
on the grid a few minutes before midnight.

Yes, a day to remember with a little 'entertainment' which we are missing 
during this long, very different way of life.

A freeze expected tonight and again tomorrow - will be covering the
 hydrangeas as buds are forming. Hoping damage to plants and now
 blooming shrubs and trees will not be severe. Nature and weather are  
not always friendly!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. So glad that tree didn't do any damage to homes!

  2. Dear Mary, I love, love, love your ranunculus photos. Someone was looking out for you when you had that terrific storm.
    Enjoy your Easter holiday. Hello to Bob.

  3. Certainly an eventful day for your anniversary. Happy one by the way
    Aren't those ranunculus just the most beautifulo flowers - I never see them in flower shops here.

  4. All of the flowers are just gorgeous. The colors are so welcome at this time of year. I am thinking I should cut some of my tulips before the freeze warning hits. I'm not sure how they would fare out there and would hate to lose them already.
    Glad you were able to get out for a bit of shopping and dinner. It sounds like it all made for a most memorable anniversary celebration. My goodness that was a crazy scene to come home to. Glad to hear there was no damage from the tree.

  5. Well, that was an adventurous night out, Mary. How fortunate you were enjoying a nice restaurant meal instead of having the power go while preparing dinner at home. What lovely white rabbits you have, I would want to see them more often. Oh, I see a special bowl beside the tulips, what beautiful colour matching ;) I have never been in an Anthropologie store (we do not seem to have them in Australia) but I would really love a visit. Sigh! Happy Easter to you and Bob, dear Mary. xox

  6. Dearest Mary,
    Wow, what a memorable anniversary day you got!
    Happy belated anniversary to you and Bob.
    Glad there was no property damage caused by the fallen tree.
    We've lived through such lengthy power outages here but we fully understand that in torrential rains, those line workers cannot perform miracles.
    Saw the Ranunculus at Trader Joe's but came home with white Stock instead, for its lovely perfume.
    Earlier in 2012 I did bring home some yellow Persian buttercups, as they also are called:
    Enjoy your flowers!!

  7. Now that was quite a way to spend an anniversary! Bet you will remember that one for a long time! Glad you had a chance to get out and about for a bit. Happy anniversary and may you be blessed with many more.


  8. Phew, that was indeed a day to remember! So glad nobody was hurt and no major damage done when the tree came down. And you had a restaurant meal to celebrate your anniversary, that's great!
    Love the flowery armchair - it wouldn't look amiss in my living room :-)
    Ranunculus are so beautiful, aren't they; high up on my list of favourite flowers.

  9. My goodness! What an anniversary to remember. :) Thankfully no real damage from that tree going down. It's good you got to go out and do some different things. I love to look around Anthropologie. The lettuce bowl you have with the eggs inside is really lovely. Take care and have a good weekend.

  10. Happy Anniversary! You did indeed have a day to remember. Thankfully no one was hurt by the tree and you were able to eat out, celebrate and to see your neighbors. I am sorry about your restaurant, I think as the country opens back up bit by bit we will see more and more of our favorite places closed.

    Happy Easter Mary, thank you for being a wonderful friend and for sharing your list, love and beauty. It has brought me great joy during these dark times.

  11. Happy belated anniversary! Sorry the tree caused some problems, but it sounds like you all made the best of it. So glad you and Bob could go out to celebrate. We haven't visited a restaurant yet as most here are still just doing take out, but soon I think things will be opening up. Oh and Trader Joe's has flowers not to resist. I picked up some ranunculus recently there too. Now I want to go into Anthropoligie, I love that store and it has been soooo long. Happy Springtime!!!


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