Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday in the Garden -

It's on days like this when all the hard, dirty, tiring work pays off!
Again, I walked early in the garden today to take these photos.
A little more rain during the night worked wonders and much is
Unfortunately the pollen continues and air quality is poor with a gusty
breeze blowing. Not sure whether to head outside and do some garden
 work or just sit here and continue sneezing!
We still have a lot to do regarding hardscaping - a new
low wall across the back bed, re-do the pathways, and perhaps
remove a couple more very old trees, one of which was struck by 
lightning and is damaged. 

As we know. . . . . . ."a garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever."


  1. When I first started reading this I thought you'd written a poem - it almost could be. I'm envious of your montage too - must learn how to do that!

  2. Dearest Mary,
    This time of the year is the very best for the South!
    I've planned to be in the garden, weeding and such but my severe back pain does not allow me to. Can't take any painkillers due to my CKD so just hope this soon will leave me alone.
    It is a never ending labor, tending a garden! But it sure is worth it. Imagine living in an apartment without garden?!

  3. I have discovered a new-found love for gardening this year. I am trying to go things from seeds and cuttings. We'll see how it goes. Your garden is looking lovely.

  4. how beautiful, I would love to walk there early morning after a rainfall :)

  5. You have so much blooming in your garden, lovely to walk amongst it all.

  6. And your garden does look like a "thing of beauty", but yes!!!! it is a lot of work.

  7. Dear Mary,
    This must make your heart sing.

  8. Your hard work is indeed paying off! Thank you for another set of beautiful photos to get lost in.

  9. Hi Mary! :) Your garden is so lovely! Gardening is so much fun, I can't wait to start it myself! :)

  10. I laughed at that quote - yes, a garden is a lot of work, and yet so beautiful. I can just imagine the peace you felt as you wandered around your garden. I'm looking forward to doing more work in ours. We are having cold frosty nights just now, with sunny and warm afternoons. I have pots to fill and plant, too. Enjoy the beauty that you have helped create!

  11. What a beautiful garden you have.


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