Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A July Morning -

This morning, with sunshine and calm outside the door, I thought I'd change
 my header - as I often do - only to find that Blogger must be messing with
 us again! Have you tried to upload a new header lately only to find your
 previous ones now upload in a much larger, blurred format?  
I've been playing about with this particular one above and have given up. 
It just doesn't look that great, so when I have time I may just try to create
 some new headers.
Also, Blogger needs to work on many things which could make posting a
 lot easier - like back in the good old days!

Meanwhile, thanks again for more birthday greetings for Bob, he was
 touched by your kind words.

This morning I need to water, at least the pots, as another day reaching into
 the 90's is promised. We will have to prepare for storm activity on Thursday,
it could be severe as the remnants of tropical storm Elsa move through the 

The fig tree continues to GROW!
Nothing stops this amazing tree - not even the severe pruning last winter.
It's loaded with fruit but of course we'll never get to pick at the top, just
too high.  Birds, insects and squirrels will be happy!

This is out latest visitor, a Carolina anole lizard - green at times, brown
 at others.  He lives somewhere on the front porch and will hopefully
 help with the unwanted insect population!

In the back garden today I noticed this juvenile Eastern bluebird - always
 exciting knowing there is a new generation of these once almost 
eradicated beautiful birds!  
We have a pair, maybe even two, who nest in the birdhouse. We have
 a real bluebird box affixed to the potting shed but they never use it, 
preferring the 'apartments' in the larger house.

The mourning doves, whom I love, are enjoying visits to the bird baths - we
 have three in the back garden now and I'm trying to keep them filled with
 clean water to keep mosquito larvae away.

Enjoy your day.
May the week be good.
Happy summer garden days.


  1. I never mess with my header - I am too cowardly and fear I would lose it for ever.

  2. I don't use blogger so I haven't had a problem. Speaking of Elsa, she is here in Naples, Florida right now.... So far not too bad as a tropical storm. Raining all day so far. We have not had the high wind gusts yet.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    What lovely photos you show! Love that special lizard and it will help with your insects.
    Figs are so vigorous growing here in the south, but as you say, we never get the top ones.
    We both biked this morning to the post office and then to run some more errands. Had to drop off something that I sold on Saturday after the Post Office had closed and then with the extra day off on the 5th... it only went out today.
    It was supposed to rain in the afternoon but did not... one can often not trust the weather forecast.
    Your birds are very frequent visitors and it is a joy to see those images.

  4. Wow, we got our rain... just hours later than forecast said!

  5. Dang Blogger, I only wish I could set it to send me an email when I get a comment - they were the good old days! You have such beautiful bird life Mary and such gentle birds too. As for the fig tree, how wonderful - am green with envy :) xx

  6. Several other bloggers have been having problems with their headers.
    I have long given up using a header picture; I did have one to begin with, but some of my readers complained they had to scroll before they reached the actual post to read.
    Love the lizard! Do these species change colour? Here, our most common species can be discerned by their colours; the male is green, the female brown.

  7. Oh I love that lizard - can I have him please!!!
    Be careful of your fig tree. they grow big and fast! Often in europe they are grown in large pots


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