Monday, July 19, 2021

Logistics. . . . . . .

Leaving home is somewhat scary these days.
Just getting organized - house and garden 'to do' list gets
longer by the day - takes time.
Because I haven't traveled in so long, just dragging out a
suitcase has become a roller coaster ride this past week.
Big one, small one, carry on. . . . . .black one, blue one,
which one etc.
Today I must pack.
Still do not feel 100% comfortable about traveling away from
 home mainly because of the airport/plane/hotel room situation.
We are vaccinated and we will continue to wear masks in public 
We are not going overseas - sorry friends who may be hoping for
photos from new, exciting places. We are going north to New England
 to Bob's home state, New Hampshire, which is lovely also. We missed
 last year's annual "going home" visit. . . . . . . and I did actually live
 there also for several years when we were first married.

Sunday morning breakfast guest!  She was busy siphoning off the
 bird seed - we didn't shoo her off because obviously she's hungry.

The bird feeders will be stored away in the potting shed whilst we're gone.

This mama White-tailed deer has two young spotted
 fawns but I've not had a chance to take their picture yet. 
Our neighbor saw her yesterday apparently trying to teach
 them to jump over his chain link fence but all they would do is
 run into it - somewhat worrisome and I hope they weren't injured!

I hope to write and add some photos from New England later
this week. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dear. At RDU now - lounge open so relaxing as we arrived quite early. Hopefully plane on time.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Have a safe trip both of you and enjoy family time!
    What precious deer photos and indeed, worrisome for the fawns about their jumping lessons.
    Don't worry about your trip; have you ever before worried about the flu?!

    1. At airport now - so far so good! Only family back in New Hampshire are in the cemetery now - but we'll be visiting them of course!!!!!
      Watched your wonderful video last night - what an amazing landscaping undertaking - beautiful! Now I know how to pronounce your name correctly - and you both were such fun to watch on the garden tour.
      Hugs - Mary

    2. Thank you Mary and safe travels! Well, I've changed my Dutch name since then as most people would mutilate it into 'Muwrit' or Muwreet'... It is tough for immigrants to keep their own name!
      Have a safe trip and enjoy.

  3. Mary I love New England one of my all time favourites in the US - we went there many times.

    1. Yes it's a beautiful area - I loved living there for 12 years except the winters were often severe and far too much snow!

  4. Have a great trip! You will be fine with the travel. Just be sure to bring disinfecting wipes for the plane (armrests, seatbelt, tray) and the hotel room (door knobs, remote, etc). Have a wonderful time!

    1. At airport now and have wipes at the ready, lol!

  5. All the best for your trip, dear Mary!
    Those deer pictures are lovely, and I hope the little ones are fine.

    1. Saw them again yesterday so are doing OK so far thanks.
      Glad all going good for you Meike - we've had you in our thoughts a lot lately.
      Mary & Bob

  6. I hope your travels are fun and eventful with only good things. It will take awhile to get used to travel again. Enjoy!

  7. Have a happy and safe trip, can't be too careful these days. I don't think the vaccines protect against the Delta Covid variant, do they? I don't know if you plan on posting while you are away but we will look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. The main thing is that you have a wonderful time.

    I'm glad to hear you didn't chase the deer away and how sweet that she has babies. I hope they remain safe too.

    Serena xx

  8. Yes, Mary: traveling becomes an adventure again... Same problems here with choosing what to take with me, considering temperature and occasions. Situation in trains and planes are not 100% good here in Germany or the Netherlands - but that is the risk a traveler has to face.
    I wish you a happy journey!

  9. Have a great trip!
    Wildlife is having to get bolder these days to survive. How fascinating for your neighbor to see her training her little ones.


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