Saturday, July 31, 2021

Welcome back to the garden -

The usual suspects were waiting!
Our return and activity in the garden doesn't seem to bother them one bit.

Robins and rabbits!
They obviously get along well.
There are dozens of robins, adults and juveniles (spotted breasts) all over
 the lawn visiting the fig tree, filling their faces and tummies with the now
 ripening figs from the gigantic Celeste fig tree. 
Fruits knocked to the ground are being gobbled by a mama rabbit and
 her baby who has grown quite a bit in the time we were away.  

Today we rehung the bird feeders - as always the cardinals arrived first followed 
by the squirrels! The weather is unbearably hot, heat index reached 105F 
yesterday, thankfully a little cooler today.
The garden is parched and much is very sad looking despite my kindly
 neighbor's watering efforts. After a week loving the gardens of cooler
New England, I'm wondering what the heck I'm doing here in the south
trying to be a 'gardener' in summertime!  It's just not worth the effort once
the heat and humidity arrives.
Heading to the farmers market this morning for fresh eggs and veggies.
Must admit that I truly enjoyed not having to cook for over a week. . . . . 
having done so almost every day since the pandemic reared its ugly head!

Have a wonderful weekend friends.


  1. On the farm we were plagued by rabbits - here they are in the field behind my bungalow but the wall stops them coming in luckily. Your robins are so much bigger than ours - I always forget until somebody puts a photograph on showing me.

  2. You got some great pictures of the robins and rabbits!

  3. That's far too hot! I'm not surprised things are looking parched.

  4. Dear Mary - so pleased that you are both safely ensconced back home again. I bet all of the animals have really enjoyed your garden whilst you were away.
    Going away has given me exactly the same pleasure i.e having meals made and not having to think about what shall we eat, or buying the food, and then it still needs to be prepared.
    It has been 31° here, far, far, too debilitating for me, but thank goodness we are now back to our more normal summer fare.

  5. I cant believe the heat you are having. We are supposed to have another heat wave but it hasnt come yet!

  6. I had never heard of a Celeste Fig, so I looked it up just now. It seems quite appealing in several ways. My own fig tree is called a Black Jack and is a dwarf variety, but it has grown huge already. We pruned it hard last winter and it's huge again!

  7. Dearest Mary,
    Adorable rabbit photos and your figs are being consumed in an identical manner as ours. Did not know that the rabbit would eat them too. I saw some big ones being knocked off by the birds, onto the concrete walkway but no rabbits yet.
    You got some real resident Robins it seems like, claiming part of the garden.
    Haha, you are so right about our Southern summers and trying to garden anything.
    My previous post was about that early battle when we still were living/working in Indonesia and finally tried to establish our garden and work on the home.
    But we do have exotic looking things that cannot be found nor seen in the North, neither in the Old World.
    It is worth it.

  8. Rain and rabbits - can't think of more of a dilemma for my dog Oscar - hates the former, loves chasing the latter; wonder which of his instincts would win out! When he caught a rabbit a while ago Jane was distraught, but it is so natural to him. Thankfully it is seldom we come across them now we live by the sea - not many on the beach!

  9. Your photography skill inspires me to upgrade my camera and head for the hills!

  10. Hot temperatures and gardens don't seem to get on very well. At least you occasionally get rain. It's sizzling here.

  11. Sweet pics. I think you need to move to New England! :-)


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