Thursday, September 16, 2021

Creatures great and small -

Our resident gecko Charlie actually tapped on the dining room window
one morning this week! I was quite startled to see him looking at me
through the glass - grabbed my phone to get these photos.
He then crawled around the outdoor chairs for a while finally leaping
 into the Boston fern on the front porch table - I believe that potted
fern is his home.
He was golden in color that day, other days he's quite green - 
a magnificent little creature, and hopefully keeping the unwanted
 insect population down.

. . . . . .and also visiting 

. . . . . .much larger, both in size and number, are the grey squirrels, 
who are actually always present around here.
Autumn's almost here and they are hungry for hickory nuts and
acorns, both of which look plentiful this year.  
The larger hickory nuts have been falling for a couple of weeks, 
acorns just starting but will rain down from our oaks in the coming

Are you noticing a lot of wildlife in your garden as autumn arrives?


  1. Sadly I don't get a lot of wildlife in my garden - at the farm we were over run with it but here my garden is steep with many steps and at the back there are large grass fields so I suppose the fields are exciting.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    That is funny to find here also a Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) on your post!
    The Carolinensis is even more accurate for your region. The Gecko is more common in the Caribbean and maybe Florida. We have also lots of skinks.
    Squirrels of course, they outnumber everything! Great photos you show.

  3. Your little green friend is quite a character! The pic of him tapping your window made me smile. We have wild turkey, plenty of white-tail deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, raccoons and fairly rare sightings of fox and coyotes. Lately I have not heard the coyotes in the woods across the road, thank God. They make haunting sounds which cannot be ignored. Maybe they have left the area for better hunting territory.

  4. That gecko is so cute! Of course, that's a creature we don't see here in northeast Illinois. We sure do have a lot of squirrels though. And much to my husband's chagrin, a ton of chipmunks. They're cute, but they're destructive. We currently have a tunnel going under our front porch and another under our patio.


  5. Our squirrels here are the red (European) variety, and I see some almost every day around my house on the trees or in the gardens. Of course we have no geckos in this part of the world, but on my walks on sunny afternoons or early evenings, I spot lizards warming themselves on stone walls.

  6. We have a resident gecko too. He goes by the name of Beau Regard :) No squirrels unfortunately.

  7. Hello Mary,
    Charlie is such a friendly looking little gecko. We don't see much wildlife here beyond Italian Wall Lizards (an invasive species), squirrels, and of course, the birds. However, this summer I saw a raccoon a couple of times, and a deer!

  8. Loved reading your post! I need to get on the ball.

    Your little gecko friend is adorable. Everything startles me, right down to a fly, but my heart has a place for geckos. On our honeymoon in Kauai, a baby gecko somehow got into Al's vegetables on his dinner plate in an outdoor restaurant. It blended in and he didn't even realize it until it moved. Oh, the surprise!!!

    Miss you and Bob. Sadly, I think a visit Asheville won't be soon. Perhaps if it were a family affair. I'll keep in touch.

    Jane ❤️

  9. Ah, you also have geckos! We have them here, and they get inside the house, goodness knows how as we have it fully screened. Yes, lots of wildlife here and as Spring has arrived, the snakes will be out and about. Last night there was a possum on the deck, which is rather like having a cute squirrel about. xx

  10. Yes, I am always on the look out for wild life in the garden. I love your little resident gecko. I am so glad he tapped on your window to saw hello.


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