Friday, September 24, 2021

Late September Morning -

The golden days of Autumn have arrived at last - just one cool night and there
is a difference in the morning air, the light, the colors, the feeling, and the view
from the window.

There is a beautiful spirit breathing now.

Its mellow richness on the clustered trees,

And from a beaker full of richest dyes,

Pouring new glory on the Autumn woods. . . . . .

From 'AUTUMN' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ~ 1807-1882

Just after sunrise this morning at 7:10 am

September - the seventh month of the old Roman year. 
By the Julian arrangement it became the ninth month, but still
 retained its former name.

I love late September knowing my favorite month of October will soon be here!


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    1. .......she's seen better days but I just can't toss her out yet Pat - her smile cheers me up!

  2. October days are coming, dear Mary, and with them your birthday and mine! But September is a beautiful month, too, and you've highlighted it so well with your photos. I was out in the garden taking photos this morning, too, but not quite as early as you were. Have a most wonderful day, my friend.

    ps - I was looking through some old posts and see that it was just three years since we had dinner in Oak Bay with you and Bob, Honora and Sigurd. How the world has changed since then!

    1. Yes Lorrie, we were just thinking the same thing - such a lovely evening together in Oak Bay.
      It seems so long ago now though - hoping to return some day.

  3. Your photos document September beautifully. Hope that the cooler weather lasts.

    1. Vee dear, it's perfect today and we are off to a birthday party/dinner tonight at a hotel ("masked ball" perhaps!) for a friend - groups of people still are somewhat frightening though, sigh!!!!! Hoping to get vaccine booster #3 very soon.

  4. Great garden photos catching the spirit of September. It doesn't really feel like Autumn here yet as we had a cool, damp August followed by a dry, warm September.

    1. Perfect weather here for the weekend and coming week! If our trip had worked out we'd be in cool Torquay with rain right now! Can't have it all I guess John!

  5. I will miss the fall in NC. But I am enjoying every minute of the lovely sunshine here in Florida.

    1. It must be lovely by the sea - I envy you Penny, and miss seeing you and K so much!
      Asheville days seem like a long ago dream - and even Jane and Alan can't visit there and are missing it too I'm sure.
      Enjoy the weekend - it's beautiful here today.

  6. Dearest Mary,
    Lovely images from our Southern September!
    True, seven is sette in Italian and that stands for Settembre or September.
    Hard to believe that Friday October starts... Can't keep up with the time; way too fast!


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