Sunday, September 12, 2021

Gardening in the autumn months -

We started this garden almost 25 years ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Fran. It looked like a war zone then! With $2.4 billion in damage and 13 deaths, North Carolina was hit hard, not just the coastal region but inland also. Our damage was substantial during that horrible, frightening night. My car was crushed by an oak falling on it in the driveway, and many large oak trees fell around the house necessitating a new roof, but thankfully we were not injured. What was formerly just a natural heavily treed area in back became a new project. After assistance with clearing and preparing the lot, Bob and I have done much of the work ourselves over the years. It's amazing how quickly trees, shrubs, and plants grow, even with limited sunlight. We still have a thick overhead canopy of trees despite the ones that fell and the removal later of several tall but dangerous pines on our property. Surrounding us are many trees in neighbors' yards impacting our space. This year we removed a few more large trees to get more sunshine into the back garden to help the small grassy area. Now, slightly overgrown, the privets are more the size of small trees than shrubs and are blending into the azaleas. Heavy pruning is on that lengthy garden 'to do' list come the correct time to go at the shrubs with tools and vigor!  

It's harder now and that so true quotation comes to mind  

often . . . . . "a garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever."

Changes through these long months of 2021 . . . . . . . 

~ Early morning autumn light ~

Preparing soon for the cold days ahead. Last year's wood pile is depleted,
more to be delivered soon.
The trees have yet to change color, the leaves yet to fall on the autumn 
breezes. The season of rust, red and gold comes later here because
 the temperatures remain high into October.
Patience.  A quick meditation break with deep breathing seems to work
in mid-afternoon. Clear the mind. Reboot and refresh. Sharpen and
refocus thoughts. Make plans. Keep forging ahead.

Enjoy your Sunday.
~ Hugs ~


  1. Thank you so much. We still work at it and try to keep it at least tidy and cheerful to look at - especially when sitting in the gazebo - my always favorite outdoor spot no matter the season.
    Mary -

  2. Your garden is a labour of love and very beautiful. I am looking for drought-resistant plants for our little garden because nothing much seems able to grow in the 'sunny' part during the summer months. Everything foes into estivation.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    Oh sure, we all have seen some Hurricane aftermath in our gardens... We lost a triple River birch, a beauty, to one of those passing over. Our garden we started 31 years ago and the adjacent wood garden some 26 years ago. It is so very true that trees, here in the South!, grow so quickly from little ones to HUGE ones. We still are waiting for our tree cutting crew to come, that is since April!
    Before Christmas we hope to get it all done and carried out without any damage.
    Our painter has not yet responded to my messages, we really want to line up the guy for the pressure washing the roof and home, before they start. Seems to be HARD these years for getting anyone to ACT. Just got a message that they have 4 exterior homes lined up and maybe in November they get to do ours... Great such a delay but what can we do? Guess all the rain has messed up their schedule.

  4. Your garden is an utter delight for all its dark and stormy genesis, and your enchanting potting shed looks like the kind of tiny house in a wood I'd dream of living in as a kid! It has a real fairytale whimsy to it.

  5. When you lived in one place for so long, it's amazing how your gardens grow and thrive and abound in beauty over the years. I know that if we ever move from here (we've been here 31 years!), one thing I'd really miss is my small gardens and perennials that we've put in and worked so hard on. Makes you wonder if someone else would truly enjoy them and take care of them.


  6. No matter the season, your garden looks lovely. I'm glad you have that canopy of leaves above your heads; won't it be really welcome during long, hot summer months in your area?

  7. A most enjoyable post. If I have any criticism it's that I'd have liked to have seen every element of the collage as a full-size photo!

  8. Just from the pictures I can tell all the work you and Bob do on your beautiful yard. It is so gorgeous and I have fingers crossed at some point I will be able to walk there with you.

  9. Your gardens show all of the hard work you two have put into them. They are lovely.


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