Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Today - remember the mighty Rhino -

Today is International World Rhino Day, an awareness day to acknowledge the five species of Rhinoceros. Rhino day is celebrated every year on September 22 to spread awareness about these wonderful creatures and the work being done to save them from being poached and hunted. The International World Rhino Day 2021 has a special significance since it is the 10th Anniversary. On this day, wildlife lovers across the world honor what is left of the Black, White, Greater One-horned, Sumatran, and Javan Rhinoceros.

The population of the these amazing horned creatures has suffered a massive blow since the increasing effect of climate change in the past decade, and demand for its horns has garnered poachers and hunters to kill these exotic wild animals. As of today, these critically endangered species are on the brink of extinction until steps are taken to save them.

South Africa 2010 - my first viewing of the white Rhinoceros which
 is actually grey, and has a softer squared lip and shorter horn than
 the more ferocious black rhino.

They came this close to us seated in the safari vehicle. 
In the lovely early evening sunlight Gordon, our guide, kept us calm
 as they nibbled their way around us before wandering off.
A very special memory of my first wonderful visit to Africa.


  1. I remember that trip. Great seeing these photos again.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Quite an experience and opportunity for exceptional photographs!
    Both of us never have seen any Rhino in the wild.
    We're not posting about the same critter today... I am showing our resident Bunny (Snuffy) and Munky the Chipmunk in a short video.

  3. How lucky you've been, dear Mary, to see them so close!

  4. Magnificent animals, even though I've only ever seen them in a zoo.

  5. What a wonderful memory of being so near to those lovely and magnificent creatures. I don't understand people who kill them and other species just for trophies or body parts.


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