Friday, December 9, 2022

Beginning to look . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . a lot like Christmas!

For some reason, I've not had much time for blogging or anything else regarding use of the laptop this past week. Since returning from the lovely days at the coast, I've been trying to 'put up Christmas' as we used to say. We're just about done, both in and out, other than putting the flood lights out on the front lawn today before more rain arrives. For some reason illuminating the cottage makes a huge difference. Our fairy lights get fewer annually now - such a painful job, literally, climbing and winding those devilish strings around structures. This year they are just along the front porch rail. I admit to buying new sets when I couldn't fiddle about with the hideous tangled mess I dragged from the storage box. Lights on the arbor remain year round so are one less winding job thankfully. A couple of large green wreaths, each sporting a red and black 'buffalo check' bows are hanging and they will be in the spotlight as dusk descends and we hit the switch!  

Photos here give you an idea as to what's displayed around the house. I did not take everything out this year, but enough to bring on the feeling of this special time of year. I have a ton of candles place around for light and woodland fragrance. The small vintage metal tree flickers with mini lights, and around the base is the gorgeous wool yarn I brought back from the Falkland Islands which I've never knitted up. The large faux fir tree (not shown yet) is out in the gazebo as always and I did treat it to new string lights. It's bright and beautiful in the dark night hours. As for the little ceramic tree, wow are they ever popular again, noticing knock-offs popping up everywhere! Ours is an original from the '80's when one of Bob's office colleagues made it for us. Such a wonderful gift. It still has all the little bird lights, the base is a music box which plays "Frosty the Snowman", even the light bulb in the bottom still works. . . .after almost 40 years of Christmas joy!

Lastly, I found a Christmas cactus to replace the one that never bloomed for years despite my TLC efforts. This was in a fresh plant delivery at LIDL this week, healthy looking, loaded with buds that hopefully will open for the holidays. Sold with an attached hanger which I removed, it's on the dining room table looking so pretty - a lot of loveliness for $8.99! 


  1. everything looks lovely. i'm having the hardest time with my cacti. i only had one bloom on the one i was able to keep alive. enjoy the season.
    love & magicks

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Good for you for having tackled this once more.
    We for years already have not done any outdoor decorating.
    Age is dictating us otherwise.
    Lovely things you got for indoors and also the tiny nativity scene.
    That Christmas cactus looks perfect!
    Hoping to get a lot done next week so our place also starts looking more in season.
    The guy cleaning our silk–wool and wool rug is coming on Thursday morning so that delays certain things... 😏

  3. Great buy on the heavily budded Christmas cactus.Funny reading about the one that is getting the boot for not cooperating. My sister just gave her orange tree the boot this morning for the same reason—no oranges and it had big spikes,

    Your cottage looks lovely and I am sure that the yard does as well. My philosophy for this year is that less is more...indoors, outdoors, and around the tree. It can still be lovely!

  4. Such a pretty Christmas cactus. Mine is flowering very well at the moment.

  5. The grey timber shelves hold decorative objects in a spacious uncluttered display. I would love to have long spaces _not_ in the centre of tables that can show off flowers, plates, small sculptures and candles.

  6. I like your Tartan Christmas crackers!

  7. Everything is looking so pretty and festive, Mary. We haven't put up everything this year, either. Simple is the way to go. Greenery and candles fill the house with colour and light and are easy to store (or compost).

  8. Your home is looking very lovely Mary. Very cozy and Christmassy. My Christmas cactus died this past summer. I'd had it for a few years and it used to flower beautifully.

  9. It all looks so charming and pretty Mary. Who would not love a little Christmas tree with bird lights - it is adorable. We too have pulled out far fewer Christmas decorations this year, and the tree has no breakables; little children visit us now, to our delight. Thank you for the most beautiful card which arrived from you, with a spectacular red cardinal. It definitely adds to the seasonal spirit. xoxox

  10. It all looks gorgeous Mary as always. You do it so well. We aren't 'putting up' Christmas this year. The house is in such a mess it's just not worth it plus, we will be at our sons so I shall wait until next year. XXXX

  11. I love all of your Christmas touches. Wishing you and Bob the merriest Christmas!

  12. Mary, I always love your style in decorating. Your home in lights must be so pretty. And candles just create so much ambiance.

  13. Mary, everything looks beautiful! I love the little ceramic tree and the story with it. What a kind friend to make and give this beautiful tree to Bob. 40 years! Where does the time go? I didn't unpack all of my boxes this year either. And then the power outage sort of took the wind out of my sails. Now I just want to relax and enjoy the last week before Christmas.
    Have a wonderful week Mary.

  14. A beautiful welcome to the Christmas season Mary!
    Angels trumpeting, reindeer, red berries, candlelight and your Nativity Crib!
    Oh I love Christmas!
    I sent you an email!


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