Sunday, December 4, 2022

"Memory is an amazing gift" ~~~~~~

Those words were actually in a comment by a dear friend. She left it on the blog post of another very dear friend. I have had the great fortune to meet both of these amazing women in person, one in Canada the other in England. We have blogged and followed each other for years. We have a lot in common. Like me, these special women - you know who you are and I know you won't mind me saying this - are no longer youthful in numbers. Below is the United Nations statement regarding that long ago, to us, period of age.

YOUTH is best understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence. That’s why, as a category, youth is more fluid than other fixed age-groups. Yet, age is the easiest way to define this group, particularly in relation to education and employment, because ‘youth’ is often referred to a person between the ages of leaving compulsory education, and finding their first job.

That age group according to the United Nations is 15-24. We three gals have plenty of memories of way back then and they, like me, remain youthful in so many other ways. Their exuberance for life shines through in their writing, worldly travels, hobbies and pastimes, their love for family, and everything they share about daily life or special occasions. 

So, the words "Memory is a special gift" immediately grabbed me, making me think initially of the obvious and how terrible it must be to lose one's memory, especially of the past. Although I'm now pushing 80 - there I've said it - I am grateful to still have a good memory. Oh yes, I may forget the actual name of the restaurant by the sea in Morocco three years ago, but I recall the decor details and the fragrant vegetable tagine so clearly! What was the name of that nice woman I met for the first time at the grocery store last week, or the movie we watched recently?  They will come to me later perhaps!

The 'kissing ball' is hanging in the hallway again for the Christmas season.
This weekend has been busy around the house now that December is here.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Yes, Memory is indeed one of the most valuable GIFTS!
    Especially as we age and we can still go back to fond memories.
    Enjoy your Advent Season and stay cozy.

  2. I've worn myself out decorating the house. We're not exactly minimalists when it comes to Christmas decor although I did set up a hygge area :) I agree that memory is a special gift. Recalling our past is so precious.

  3. Dear Mary,
    Such a lovely reflective post. As I age, memories become very precious. Advent blessings to you and Bob. Love, Lorrie

  4. When I was young and lecturing, my best gift was a great memory. I could remember royal dynasties, dates of battles and peace treaties, architectural styles, each city's main galleries etc etc. Since I retired at 70 after heart surgery, I can't even remember the grand children's birthdays 😞

  5. That's exactly how memory works for me. "Don't fret" I tell myself "It will come to you later." Your home sounds lovely and how delightful that you hang a kissing ball. I hope that there is a lot of kissing going on.

  6. I honestly feel like I'm losing words that used to come to easily to me or that I used quite often but over the years haven't needed them. Phrases that were so common are now lost to me. All the songs I used to sing with the kids when I was teaching kindergarten are forgotten So little memories of childhood. I feel like I need to start writing things down, talking to my mom and getting information and answers about family members. Writing things on paper always helped me to remember better when I was studying. Perhaps it will help me better remember events and places and names now. But first I gotta remember what I went into the bedroom for. :) Hopefully we all have many more memories to be made. Holiday joy and blessings.

  7. Memories are precious, and nobody can take them from us - only illness like dementia can.
    And of course, some memories are so horrible that they are best not revisited. But I have been blessed so far with a good life full of beautiful memories.

  8. How true it is that our own personal memories are a gift to cherish. Hopefully our memories do continue remain with each and everyone of us for our entire lives.
    P.S Coincidentally I am making a tagine today but using nuts, fruit, spinach and chickpeas.

  9. Yes, indeed, memory is the best gift. I have always had a good memory, but alas, I too forget some details of past adventures, or remember it later in the day. It could be much worse, and I hope to make the most of what I have now. The kissing ball looks nice - it must be fun at your place at Christmas, dear Mary. xxxx

  10. Memory is indeed a precious gift. Each time I travel I particularly tell myself that. I say that when I can no longer travel I will have the memories. One precious memory is getting to meet you on both coasts. Short visits, but dear to me.


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