Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Lovely Season -

Keeping busy preparing for Easter as springtime envelopes the landscape. Bluebells are ringing........narcissi perfume the air in that rare, brief loveliness of the last cool days before the intense heat arrives here in the southeast.

Not quite 'hopping' along as the influx of rabbits seem to be doing, but enjoying the 
days leading up to Easter as all around the garden bursts forth with fresh new
 color and loveliness.  Staying busy meeting up in person with friends 
'misplaced' over the years for one reason or another - springtime often brings
 that, fresh new starts after Winter hibernation. I'll be back soon to share
 azaleas, garden birds. . . . . . . and some travel plans for this year!


  1. Have a nice Easter - I love your Easter bunnies.

  2. Great bunches of flowers in vases or flower pots dress up the inside of the house beautifully and raise the spirits :)

  3. Lovely photos and that bunny has the sweetest little jacket.

  4. I wonder if your travel plans will bring you 'home' again this year. We have been overwhelmed with family caring these last few months - actually, two years in truth - but we have finally found more sustainable solutions that we hope will free up more time to travel and write - and spend time together rather than so often apart due to travelling back and forth...
    But enough... life is good and I hope all is well with you too.

  5. Dearest Mary,
    What lovely images with fragrant spring flowers and the cutest of cute bunnies!
    Had a hectic day and we had such heavy rains for the past couple of days...
    Got my 1st OT and PT this afternoon.
    Feeling cold as my kidneys are down... only 23% function now and my hemoglobin was way down. Nephrologist understood why—he put me on iron pills. I tray SO hard to gain my weight and my strength back. Pain is okay now, except when sleeping, depending how my left leg is placed. Still so much bruising and swelling. The scabs have come off on Sunday so wounds are healing.
    Big hugs,

  6. I love your seasonal decor! I am not eager for the heat and humidity of summer. We have a frost warning for overnight tonight.

  7. What a lovely assortment of springy items. I am especially charmed by the rabbit wearing a decorated coat. How good to reconnect with former friends. Ohhh...travel plans....

  8. It is always lovely to see your parade of Easter bunnies Mary. The ones made from recycled books are really cute and clever. And you have bluebells and daffodils, which are stunning. Spring is definitely on the horizon for you, despite the snow further North! xox

  9. Pretty spring flowers always bring a smile, your bunny collection is wonderful especially the patchwork one, so cute.

  10. I seem to be experiencing internet gremlin interference when trying to leave comments these days so I hope you see this. Love your bunnies, especially the patchwork one,. Wishing you a wonderful springtime weekend. Maggie @turning the page.

  11. Bluebells and bunnies, oh my! Spring delights at your place, Mary. I love the combination of flowers in your pretty vase. Travel plans sound exciting!


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