Monday, May 22, 2023

"California dreaming"


This is a quick post in case you think I've disappeared!
After a somewhat rough start last Wednesday with flight delays,
changes, and even one missed . . . . . . . . we managed to get on
 board for Seattle, Washington which was not the original plan, and
 after that long five hour plus flight with a cup of water and a packet
 of Biscoff cookies, connected with another two hour flight to our
 destination Sacramento, California! Thankfully our bags arrived, 
always a concern with screwed up journeys, and from then on our
 West Coast visit has been close to perfect . . . . . . but extremely hot.

Mt. Shasta still snow covered from my window seat.

Mt. Shasta from our hotel in Redding, California.

Shasta Lake, California.

California farmland - rice fields, almond, olive and walnut orchards.

Tomorrow we'll be heading home to the East Coast.
More on the journey later.


  1. Oh dear! Reading about your exhausting trip makes me even more glad that my trip to Yorkshire will be all on trains, no flights involved!
    To look at a snow-capped mountain from the hot place in California must have been very special.

  2. All the leaves are brown
    And the sky is grey
    I've been for a walk
    On a winter's day
    I'd be safe and warm
    If I was in L.A.
    California dreaming
    On such a winter's day.....

  3. Good to hear the trip went well despite the beginning hiccups. Take care.

  4. Mary - such gorgeous pictures. Sorry to read that you had difficulty with your travels. Hope things go smoother when you return home.

  5. Hello Mary, so glad you were able to adjust the flights, even if it was not a fun experience. Glad to see there's still snow on Shasta; we do need the water runoff from the snow. (Maybe there is always snow up there, I'm not sure.) Hopefully you are "Home Sweet Home" by now without any further unexpected travel adventures, and unpacked and settling in.

  6. We were very close to one another for a day or two! I hope you are safely at home, with your luggage, and enjoying the remembrances of your time in California. Mount Shasta really is a beauty!

  7. Just beautiful! Just lovely! Wow!

  8. So wonderful to see Shasta and the lake so full. It is a beautiful sight. Glad your trip has been a good one after the rough start.


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