Monday, May 15, 2023

Never ending peony beauty -

One for the scrapbook!
Even in death a peony is a beauty.
I've only one peony bush remaining - it has survived for many years
and each spring presents me with just half a dozen huge pale pink 
blooms and fragrance for just a week or so. A true 'garden moment.' 
A gift from Nature that thrills me and makes me give thanks.  
Other peonies planted over the years just weren't happy in my
 garden and didn't thrive. Spring storms have often ravaged newly
sprouted plants, and oppressive early season heat damages new

Right now the garden is close to perfect. We're leaving for 
California this week and may miss seeing all the hydrangeas in full
 bloom, although they are beautiful right now. As several of mine are
 planted in full sun (a no-no in the gardening world, but I love them in
 front of the dining room window and front porch) the huge blue 
blooms are sometimes burned by the intense sun.

More on hydrangeas another time.
They are always thirsty so I'll pray for rain while away!


  1. Have a safe journey, Mary!
    It seems a shame to leave your garden right now, doesn't it, when it is so beautiful. But then it always is - even in winter, so you would never really have a good time slot for leaving it.

  2. I have always felt my present garden is too small for peonies - for them to be seen at their best they need a big space. My father had one deep red one when I was a child.

  3. Dear Mary, I wish you a pleasant journey!
    Yes - leaving a garden behind is always hardship (on my balcony the roses have a lot of buds, and when I leave for Berlin I might miss the first blossoms - and have to ask a neighbour to water them, they forecast high temperatures).
    Maybe, when you come back, you still can enjoy a few blossoms - they are so lovely!

  4. Have a great trip…coffee date when you return!

  5. I love, love peonies and tulips in all their stages from the fresh bloom to the dying, wrinkled petals. Happy travels!


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