Tuesday, July 13, 2010

French dining...........in Canada

Dinner in a small French restaurant in Quebec was most enjoyable.........food was great, service very friendly.

Table for three by an open window..........no airconditioning despite temperatures in the high 90's!!!!

One cool girl ready to order................

...........we passed on dining at the famous chateau, a bistro is much more fun.


  1. Bistros here are more fun too. Chateau dining is very expensive now, and often accompanied by haughty servce!

  2. Another wonderful picture of your gorgeous girl. Just look at that beautiful face.

    I know you all must have a wonderful time traveling together.

  3. Where did you stay? I am assuming that you didn't stay at the Chateau ;)

  4. Love dining at a good bistro. Jasamine is stunning! Oh to have that beautiful skin. ~ sarah

  5. Your granddaughter keeps growing up every time I see a photo of her! I'm sure the guys in school can't wait for school to start back up again as she is such a doll! It's wonderful that you are able to take her on these trips with you, and that she wants to go!!!!
    Take Care,


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