Sunday, July 25, 2010

Forever is a long time......................

Paula and Mary ~ Lake Almanor, California ~ July 2009

Come December, we gals will celebrate 48 years of true friendship.  Although we lived in the same English town as children, we didn't meet until we both moved to Washington, D.C. in 1962.  It was as if fate brought us together on foreign soil. We became roommates for a while, sharing an exciting time in the big city until Paula moved to California.  Over the years we've often shared times together, most recently in sub-Saharan Africa on that awesome safari.  Soon I'll be heading to Northern California again for a week of fun at Paula's Summer home on beautiful Lake Almanor.

Toka Leya camp on the Zambezi River, Zambia ~ May 2010

Paula's world travels encompass countries and places many of us have never even heard of!  Her photos are awesome and she shares them on her great website.  You will see Africa, Antarctica, and everywhere in between. Be sure to visit her here on Paula's Planet to view all her stunning albums, including our African safari.

How fortunate I am to have shared this amazing friendship for so long.............and I know I'm in for another big hug very soon!

Washington, D.C. ~ 1963


  1. What a special post...I loved it, Mary. Congratulations to you girls on such a lasting friendship.
    I sure have enjoyed your posts on the safari and your latest trip to New England.
    You are an excellent writer as well as photographer.
    Thank you for all the pleasure you give me as I check your blog every day.
    Have a lovely Sunday.


  2. 48 years! very cool.
    I have been keeping up with your African travels, and though i don't always leave a comment, i have enjoyed each post very much.

  3. Mary,

    How wonderful your friendship is! What happy photographs.
    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I am coming along beautifully and doing and doing just what the doctor orders. Wnet antiquing for an hour yesterday!!!!!

    Have a great week!


  4. What a wonderful story about true friendship! How great that you found one another again, that is amazing and what a blessing!

    Thank you for sharing!


  5. Look at how beautiful you were then and still are now! Just amazing!

  6. What a friendship! You are blessed in having a forever friend.

  7. What a wonderful post on friendship. To have a friend for life is amazing in this day and age.

    I feel fortunate the I have become your friend through blogging!

  8. True friends such as that are rare, and to be cherished.

  9. You have a special friendship and that is something truly wonderful. Enjoy your time in the north of my home state of California!

  10. Thanks for the lovely words Mary, and you know that i feel the same. But did you really have to put that beehive picture on the blog? Really? Well, i have one of my and my beehive with my sister, simmilarly coiffed, on my piano so i'm own to talk!!!! Paula

  11. Mary
    Stunning.. your post today gave me chills!
    How special and even that you grew up in the same town in England... it was meant to be wasn't it that you met here in DC.
    So nice you are going to visit soon where I am sure you will relive your wonderful trip.
    Love the picture from 1962!

  12. .........and look at me PAULA with that ridiculous teased flip do AND chubby cheeks!! Remember how I had to sleep in rollers to get my straight locks to curl out for work in the morning? Those were crazy days for sure - but so many memories made with you!

    I almost didn't post this pic but then thought how much of a giggle the blog gals would get from it! You are laughing ladies, aren't you? Of course we were actually both very stylish you know!!!!!


  13. Very stylish, Mary! This is a sweet post. Long time friends are truly a gift. I'm happy you two can spend time together. I admire your attitude about travel. You don't let an grass grow under your feet. Have a fun time at Lake Almanor. ~ Sarah

  14. What a wonderful friendship! I thought that the last picture was just beautiful! Carla

  15. That's a lovely photo of you both in 1963. It's wonderful to have such a long friendship with some one, my friend Sandi and I met when she was 11 and I was 10 so this year we'll have been friends for 53 years!

  16. Hi Mary

    Aren't these old friendships just the best!
    And to think you were both English born and came from the same town - amazing!

    One of my dearest friends lives in the same city and we talk on the phone and catch up regularly.
    We go back 50 years now! I met Jen when I was 18 and I'm now - YES you guessed it 68!!

    As you can imagine here aren't ever gaps in our conversations!!

    Do come and visit me one day Mary and I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!

  17. Beautiful post. These kinds of friendships are few and far between. Cherish it.

  18. How wonderful to share a long time friendship! I can tell you treasure this friendship dearly. Have a wonderful time in California.

  19. Such a long and wonderful friendship Mary! My mom has known someone in Scotland for oh goodness probably close to 60 years! It is so hard these days to find such good friends, and you are so very fortunate, actually you both are!!
    Take Care,


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