Monday, July 26, 2010

Staying cool and heading to camp................

We didn't stray far from home last week.  The 'dog days of Summer' continue relentlessly.  No waiting for August, they've been here since June this year!  Better to share a cool spot inside away from the oppressive heat, the humidity, and biting bugs on their search for moisture on human skin.  The parched crisp grass is no place for barefoot wandering......its bright green blades now turned to ochre spikes.

The early morning garden shows a ray of hope.......will it be cooler today?  Soon the 'glories' fade as temperatures climb and the blooms fold inward, enclosing the cool blues and purples until tomorrow when fresh ones awake at dawn.

Taking the camera outside these mornings means instant veiled shots as heat and moisture cloud the filter required.

While the birds clamber aboard the feeders seeming more ravenous than ever, the gentle butterflies and moths alight on the moist flowers to drink........... 

..............and still the roses bloom between the now faded and baked hydrangeas, opening their petal layers for just a day or so before they too shrivel along their edges, turning old and withered before their time.

This week Jasmin is not here.  Recently we've been sharing the dining room table, using our laptops to look for 'cool things' and watching nature struggle in the heat outside the window. She's off on her annual Summer camp week with friends old and new.  Swimming in the lake and pool, singing and performing skits around the evening fire pit, trying archery this year, perhaps playing volleyball again.  No laptop, iPad, cell phone, television........just good old fashioned outdoor fun.........which all kids need.
"Have a fabulous time Jasmin, I'll be waiting to hear all about it next week".


  1. Camp sounds like a cool place to be right about now!

  2. I don't envy you all the heat and humidity, staying cool indoors sounds like the best option.Hope Jasmin has a wonderful time at camp.

  3. Wonderful nature shots Mary! It has been soooo hot, hasn't it? We have had a couple of heavy afternoon rainstorms to help the heat a little.

  4. I hape that Jasmin has ac at camp! I have stayed close to the house and not ventured out anymore than I have to!

  5. Oh the memories Jasmin will have from a week at camp. I do remember. Love your cool pictures. I hope you stay cool today.

  6. Hello dear Mary, I just spent several minutes catching up with your posts. I love the photo of the two of you in 1963. How pretty you both look and Mary, you have beautiful eyes. That used to be my best feature years ago. Now, not so much. The way of getting older huh? I know you and your dear friend have so many memories. I didn't realize she went on the safari with you. How wonderful.

    Love your post about cherries. I too love cherries and fruit of any kind. My daughter and I have made so much jam this summer. We had so much fun making it and now we know we must give lots of it away. We could never eat it all. Correction...we shouldn't eat it all. HA!

    Your post does remind us how hot it is right now. Your photos are lovely and Jasmin is so pretty. Our mountain has not been that hot. Right now it is threatening rain. We can use the rain right now.

    I know you will love your visit to CA. Have a great trip and return home safe.

    Love you back, Jeanne

  7. Yes, this summer has been 'hot & humid' for many of us here in the states. We have spent most of our time in our air conditioned home. Sure hope Jasmin has fun at camp and enjoys this adventure!

    xoxo Gert

  8. Lovely pictures and I do hope your sweet girl doesn't melt!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Beautiful garden shots, but it sounds as if you should keep to the indoors with the AC. Stay cool ~ Sarah

  10. I can't believe you didn't use a filter for those flower shots. I think the blue morning glory is one of my favorite garden flowers.

    I could not live where you do. We had 96 degrees and high humidity on Tuesday and I got sick as I always do on the rare occasions we have high humidity with our usual summer heat. Maybe if I lived down South I would become acclimated, but I doubt it. (And we have no A/C!!)

  11. It is so hot, but you managed to take some wonderful photos! I'm sure Jasmin is having fun, but probably missing her time with you too. They grow up so fast....
    Take Care,


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