Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot Summer Nights...............

Yesterday I stripped this guest room bed of it's puffy and much too warm duvet, brought out the Rachel Ashwell cool white, ruffled cotton sheets, and smoothed a white cotton blanket beneath what seems to be a constantly running air conditioning system.

Dog days of Summer?  You bet they are.

Company coming?  No way..........this cool room is for me!
Sleeping dog husband can lie, tossing and groaning under his duvet.................downstairs in the master. I'm spending the remainder of my hot Summer nights in the French bedroom, cool, calm and collected, stretched out on my silky Shabby Chic sheets.

French hemp grain sack pillows purchased in Provence.

How are you managing the heatwave, if you're having one in your area?

Isn't it the best feeling to have a room of your own? 
Somewhere cool and pretty where you can sneak away from everything on a stifling, muggy, sticky Summer's eve.  I love having guests but quite honestly I'm glad there aren't any on their way here this month!


  1. The guest room looks lovely and cool Mary; I hope you enjoy it. Mine is in need of a good cleaning and fluffing, but since there is no AC in there it will just have to stay dusty for a while! What is it with men and heavy covers up to their ears even in this heat? I just don't get it!

  2. The bed looks so cool and refreshing, Mary. What a lovely retreat. My husband and I argue over the same thing. Husband gets cold, I'm too hot. And on and on it goes!


  3. Your room looks lovely and cool Mary. I love the pillows and sheets. We are really bad here at The Comforts of Home. We turn the a/c waaaay down at night to about 67 degrees. I can't stand to be hot when sleeping.

  4. I'd cool off just peeking into that lovely room.
    Our guest room is topsy-turvy right now, waiting for paint on the walls and a grand rearrangement, so there's no escaping to a similar retreat - but you've given me a push and inspiration!

  5. My hubby tosses and turns, too hot, too cold. I told him he was having my hot flashes!! I noticed one of your pillow covers has a U on it. I am always looking for U's as there are not that many over here that I can find. Is that one of your items you brought back? I like the way you did your shutters on the inside too. At our old house we did that in the guest bedroom, and it made it look so cozy!
    Hope you have a wonderful day, and enjoy lounging in your guest room!!
    Take Care,

  6. What a gorgerous room Mary!!

  7. Your room is stunning, Mary!

    Funny that just last night I was thinking (during the middle of the night) how a good night's sleep in my own bed would feel. Larry broke out in hives and tossed and turned ALL night. Bless his heart - he said he knew he must be keeping me awake.

    I've been keeping close to home or taking the kids to a cool theater. I just don't do well in the heat.


  8. Mmm... I wish I was a guest... too bad I practically live there!! :D

    Love you, Grandma.

  9. No heatwave here but that room looks gorgeous, so cool and calm,just perfect for hot summer nights.

  10. What a beautiful guest room! I don't blame you for using it yourself! Carla

  11. What a beautiful looks so inviting, I think I'd use it too!! ha

    Have a blessed day...
    xoxo Gert

  12. Hi Mary.... Your guest room is so lovely,,, I can see why you are taking it for your self... so cool and calm looking....


  13. Your guest room definitely deserves to open it's arms to you. How beautiful and inviting. I would love staying in a room like that one. We will be sleeping in the greenhouse in a few weeks when we have out of town guests. I hope it is not hot like you are having. We are having very pleasant weather right now.

  14. Beautiful room. I thought I didn't sleep well because of my husband tossing and turning but found out I just don't sleep well, alone or not. I have a ceiling fan-can't sleep without it in the summer.

  15. Mary, I'd love to be a guest in this room. It looks so inviting and full of beautiful textiles. Love the grain sack cases.
    We have been fortunate this summer. Last summer we suffered through four months of triple digits, but so far this summer it has been pretty pleasant. AC with ceiling fans is what we do though. ~ Sarah

  16. A beautiful room for a beautiful lady..


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