Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Postponed, darn it!

Sad to say, sometimes plans just don't work out.  Paula purchased tickets to take me on the Zeppelin 'Eureka' for a two hour flight over San Francisco a week ago Sunday. I was very excited as I'd seen her photos from the trip she did last year. Talk about awesome - the best way to get pics of the entire city and bay area is from that little 12 passenger cabin, drifting quietly 1000 feet above the earth!

As you may have realized by now, my friend Paula is all about adventure.  The day after I returned home, she and her sister headed to Africa again.  They are now cruising the western coast (thank goodness they're not on the east where pirates are still kidnapping people from their boats!), and just this morning she sent amazing photos of them riding ATVs down the steep slopes of the massive sand dunes in Namibia!

While rain fell on Friday and Saturday during my visit, we hoped it would not prevent our blimp flight, fingers were crossed.  We awoke to brilliant sunshine Sunday and felt certain it would be a go, however the call came late morning informing us that although the weather was fine, the airship had a mechanical problem in the rear engine and we were canceled.  Such a disappointment, but something to look forward to when I'm out in the bay area next year when we'll try to fly again.  Good thing is my DH will be with me then as we'll be heading for Hawaii, so Paula has purchased a ticket for him too!!!!

This is one of only three Zeppelin NT airships in the world - the others are in Germany and Japan.  

See you next year Eureka................all images from the Airship Ventures web site........because I couldn't take my own to share with you!


  1. I had no idea that there were any Zeppelins left. What a shame that you missed it.

  2. That will be something to anticipate! Those Zeppelins look like something from pre-history as they silently drift along.

  3. Oh my goodness me, that acares me just seeing it in the photograph!

  4. When you tantalized us before heading to the City on the Bay I wondered if you might be going hot air ballooning.
    Eureka is way more exciting than that!
    Sorry to hear that your jolly got postponed but having your DH along next year will be a bonus.
    That Paula sure is a wild child!

  5. Everything happens for a reason. The next time you and your sweetie can enjoy it together. Carla

  6. What an experience that would have been. I had no idea there was one here in the states. As you say, there is always next year. ;-)
    Paula is always on the go. How exciting! ~ Sarah

  7. You are an adventurer. Love what you plan to do next year now. I'm sure you were disappointed. We used to lived near Lakehurst, NJ and saw where the Hindenburg was coming into. The hangers were immense.

  8. So sorry you didn't get to go on the zeppelin. I've seen it a lot lately--on a nice day! Next time....!

  9. What a shame that you couldn't go up after all, at least you're going to get another chance though. I didn't know that there are still Zeppelins flying, not sure how I'd feel about going up in one!

  10. Dear Mary & Friends,

    Upon doing our monthly internet coverage tracking we've run across your blog.

    I would like to apologize on behalf of Airship Ventures for your disappointment and thank you for your understanding and enthusiasm. Unfortunately with our Zeppelin being a rarity, mechanical issues are not quickly resolved!

    We really look forward to having you aboard Eureka when you're back in the Bay Area!

    Best Regards,

    Team AV

  11. Good morning Mary, talking about your friend loving adventure I can honestly say you two have lots in common. I hope she has a safe journey.

    How sad to miss the ride of a lifetime. I didn't even know the Zeppelin existed anymore. Only three in the world. Maybe next year my friend. I think I would be a bit frightened to ride in a blimp. I WOULD do it though! LOL.

    Love, Jeanne

  12. That would have been so much fun! Well, maybe next time.
    Hugs to you both!


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