Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A passion for porches.................

Since outdoor Christmas decor was packed away in early January, I've left all the birdhouses, lanterns and odds and ends on the front porch........just been too cold to spend time out there redecorating. 

Sitting here at the dining room table this morning, there is no sun shining as when I took these photos yesterday. It's overcast and cooler, the way weather is before a new season settles in.

On pre-Spring days, in the still harsh Winter sun, I've noticed the strong shadows in the mid-morning. The birds arriving are already seeking out nesting places.  They are the same ones each year - or offspring from the previous year's family.  The pair of tiny Carolina wrens.  The chirpy gang of house finches.  The wrens squawk noisily at the finches who hang on the still empty plant baskets - hurry warmer nights so I can fill them with new bright green Boston ferns.  Then two bright red male cardinals come, chasing each other in mid air flight, showing off to the ladies no doubt. Nature is definitely waking up.......and working overtime.

The porch is always a busy place full of comings and goings.  People, birds, an occasional squirrel or neighborhood cat.  I haven't decided what I will change around for Spring.  The wicker chairs are fading, perhaps I'll paint them later.  

Our cottage home is awakening to thoughts of Spring cleanup and decorating.  I love this space where I can sit outside at any time of day.  With a bowl of steaming coffee to warm hands early in the morning. Later, afternoon tea in a delicate china cup with a crunchy English biscuit or a piece of cake if I've had time to bake. In the quiet of evening, if still mild, with a throw over my legs, and a glass of wine to sip before dinner while watching the moon come up over the trees.    

Do you have a porch? Ours is small but there's always an extra chair available if you want to stop by. Would love to see you.   


  1. Your porch is so lovely, Mary. I am counting the days until I can sit on my porch again. It's too cold right now, but soon....


  2. What a lovely porch to sit in - it looks so interesting - wish I could join you.

  3. I love your porch. We have a front porch and a back one. We use them both. But I am really looking forward to finishing our pergola and spending evenings out there dining al fresco under the stars....

  4. I loved the little sleeping angel. So cute. We have a deck which is similar but it's not as pretty as yours.

  5. Love porches and all the sitting areas that I can put together. Right now it all looks so dreary; I have a lot of sprucing up to do before company from Germany arrives. We are getting a ton of rain today so no outside work. Talked to hubby about heading your way sometime, and if we do would love to see the two of you!
    Hugs to you both!
    Take Care,

  6. LOVE your front porch! lovely~:) chris

  7. Mary, I just love your porch!!! It must be wonderful to just sit out there and watch the comings and goings! Enjoy!

  8. Oh wait! I'm coming over dear! What a great day yesterday! I'm so excited for both of us and our new adventure. Hope you are having a lovely day. Love,

  9. Your porch is lovely and just the perfect size. I'd love to come and visit!


  10. I love your front porch and would love to stop by for a cup of tea - morning, afternoon or evening :-) We have a front deck - 16' x 6' but it doesn't have a roof. I really wish it had one so I could sit out there during rainy days. We do enjoy it though and often eat breakfast there and I like sitting and reading there. We do lunch and supper on the back deck.
    So thankful for these spots to enjoy ;-) Pamela

  11. Just LOVE your porch! I have one, but it's small. I do, however, make up for it with a gazebo (Target-style) and a pavilion.

  12. Flower gardens and sitting porches ~ two of my favorite things in spring.
    Yours are both lovely, dear Mary! ~ Sarah

  13. Oh I would love to stop by this beautiful porch. I definitely could sit there and enjoy the coming of Spring with you. I love that sleeping angel and wonder if the warm sunshine will soon wake her.

  14. I would love to stop by and sit on your porch! I love my front porch. We have installed ceiling fans and enjoy the humid summer evenings under the fans. Carla

  15. Hi Mary, Porches, they seem look a good idea but probably not in the UK. I love all the decorative furnishings you have on yours and it would be a lovely place to sit and get to know you with a lovely cup of Yorkshire tea, I will bring it with me!! In the "Summer" we sit in our conservatory with the doors open,hubby had a malignant melanoma, so has to stay out of the sun as much as possible!
    Jackie in Surrey, now a follower!

  16. I don't have a porch of any kind but yours sure does look lovely.

  17. Wishing I'd live closer and come to sit there for a cup of tea with you......
    Anyway, I like the wicker chairs a little bit torn and faded, I like the idea of them being "lived and aged".....

  18. Yours thoughts of spring and the hints in the air are pulling me in, too, Mary.

    I love our porch. In fact, many years ago when we were considering moving here, I told my husband that a porch was one of my conditions to moving.

  19. Your porch is lovely - I'd enjoy sitting for an hour with you, hearing about your latest adventure and the plans for the next.

  20. Good morning Mary. I just caught up with the posts I have missed. So lovely and written so well. the brides today have such lovely choices. Including exotic places to be married. Your spring flowers are beautiful. Last, your porch is so pretty and inviting. My wicker chairs are needing paint too. They still have charm to me. I love your green table/shelf of bird houses and your treasure of 'things.'

    My cousin Marilyn and her hubs have been here for a week and the days have whizzed by. Plus they do not have a computer, so I feel guilty sitting and visiting. They haven't a clue as to how important my visiting is each day. Sigh! They are leaving on Monday. This has been the year of the cousins so far. Bob, Pat and Marilyn and not short visits. I do love them dearly and enjoy their company. I'm not complaining, well maybe a bit!!! HA!

    Thinking of you always. dear Mary.
    Love, Jeanne

  21. I'd love to stop by for a cup of coffee. I love that yours is a porch and not a big, awkward deck (like mine). Happy almost spring Mary and Bob and Jasmin :)

  22. I love all your little birdhouses...and the angle resting on the table. Porches are wonderful things...and yours is certainly special.

  23. Lovely front porch Mary and I love your home!!
    You have so many beautiful things to dress your porch with!!

    Pamela xo


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