Wednesday, March 16, 2011

English River Days.............

Sharing more images of places dear to me at home in England. I'm learning to edit on my MacBook so decided to give these photos, taken on my last trip home in 2009, a vintage look - seeing as how I'm now a vintage age!

Rivers played a big part in my early life, mostly for recreation on the weekends.  We seemed to spend a lot of time near them, crossing them, admiring, and enjoying them.  The sea was at our doorstep so we weren't lacking for watery vistas, but Sunday rides with friends who had motor cars always led to rivers.  On Summer days we set up picnics on the grassy areas. We clambered over the rocks along riverbanks, sometimes falling into the water, one time a very close call for me at age three when an uncle pulled me out dripping and tearful.

Sailing at Salcombe - pricey real estate, much of it, Summer homes owned by British celebrities. 

Devon has some beautiful river scenery, the loveliest probably being along the River Dart which flows from the high moor on Dartmoor, down to its estuary at Dartmouth.

Late afternoon along a quiet river bank - old arched stone bridge.

Salcombe, a beautiful historic boat building town where views of the Kingsbridge Estuary are spectacular.

Dartmouth, the town at the estuary of the River Dart where Britain's Britannia Royal Naval College stands proudly on the hill. Now slated for possible closure because of defence budget cuts, the 126 acres along the river could be turned into high priced residential real estate, and another venerable institution of learning will crumble and fall. Britannia has been training naval officers since 1863, including the present royals - the Duke of Edinburgh - husband of the Queen, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of York.

Looking across the River Dart from Dartmouth to Kingswear - boating is a popular pastime in this area.

Later I'll share more images of the lovely town of Dartmouth - steeped in history, it's one of my favorite places to visit when home .

Do you live close to a river?


  1. G'morn, Mary ~
    So brings back many memories from our many trips to England ... beautiful share. TY for the moment ...

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I think I want to be a British celebrity.

  3. I think if you grow up close to a river then rivers stay in your blood. I grew up by the river Witham in Lincolnshire - I learned to swim in it and I went down there to search for the first marsh marigolds and the first water iris - I still love rivers to this day and enjoyed your photographs immensely.

  4. Wow, the views - and your photos - are spectacular!

  5. these photos Mary are breathtaking!!! what kind of camera you use?

  6. Hi Mary, the River Penk is about a 4 minute walk away - luckily we live at the top of the hill so unless Noah needs a new arc we are safe from flooding.
    Seeing your pictures of the River Dart made me laugh..We were there some years ago with my sister in law and brother in law. It was a hot, hot day and we were stuck in a long queue for the car ferry, the sign said 15 minute wait. So our extreemly indecisive brother in law, Tim offered to fetch us each a cooling Devon ice cream. Off he went, we slowly went down the queue and neared the ferry - still no sign of Tim. We boarded the ferry and stowed the car - still no sign...just as they cast off and about 2 feet from the dock Tim appeared carrying 4 ice cream cornets, ran and launched himself on board with inches to spare! He took so long as he couldn't decide which of the 36 flavours of ice cream to choose! He's NEVER lived it down ;o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  7. I never realized the connection between the River Dart and the town of Dartmouth (the mouth of the river Dart). There is a Dartmouth in Nova Scotia which is across the harbour from Halifax, the capital of N.S. I live about 5 km. from the beautiful St. John River, known as the Rhine of North America! I have posted pictures in some of my blogs of this famous river. Your photos today are really beautiful and I like the 'antique' effect. :-) Pamela

  8. What wonderful images. Looks like a beautiful place.

  9. I have a large pond right in front of my house. I love a waterview!! Your pictures are lovely. It makes me want to visit this beautiful area. Carla

  10. Lovely photos Mary!
    Those homes are beautiful! Would love to peek inside them!!!

  11. Lovely photos. The vintage treatment is very pretty. We don't live near a river, but a stream is across the road and the ocean isn't too, too far away. There is, though, something very special about a river.

  12. My hometown is crossed by the river with the same name, Parma, but speaking about it we use confidentially the female pronoun....

  13. Aye, we do, however it is no where near this size! The guys will take a canoe on it sometimes during the summer. The photos look wonderful with the vintage added to it, however, with photos like those I don't think you could go wrong!
    Take Care,


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