Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Garden.......

Just had to share what popped out in my garden during the past two extremely hot days here in the Piedmont area of North Carolina!
The wisteria on the arbor, dead looking twigs last week, tiny green buds on Sunday.......and glory be, beautiful, sweet perfumed, dangling blossoms this morning.  Nature is full of surprises.

Also today, the one small dogwood tree remaining in the back garden is covered with delicate flowers.  They usually bloom before the leaves but I think the heat of yesterday (90 degrees!) turned everything in the garden topsy-turvy.................the leaves are already visible!

The pretty five-leaf Akebia vine is flourishing - several small purple flowers are showing.  There is a second plant climbing on the other side, it's been struggling for several years but appears to be in good shape this Spring.
Here you can also see the Snowball bush with its soft green balls - they will turn white as they grow.  This shrub was just a couple of feet tall when I planted it two years ago, now it's about nine feet - definitely a fast grower.

I can even see early azaleas blooming in my neighbor's garden, mine are budding but no flowers yet - I just know there will be a great show in time for Easter.

Well I'm definitely thrilled to see the garden with some color as I have company coming from California this best friend Paula, fresh from an awesome cruise on Africa's West coast (bring pics Paula!), and her daughter Julie, who hasn't visited North Carolina in many years. 

I'll be taking a short blog break this weekend.......back next week with more on my upcoming new space at SuzAnna's Antiques.

P.S.  My DH is also coming back from a business trip to California, SO late tomorrow night it will actually be morning here when he lands!  You just know how I love those airport pickup trips IN THE MIDDLE of the night!!!!  What one does for love!


  1. What beautiful blooms, especially the wisteria! I'm moving south, the weather here in the northeast is way overrated. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your yard is just beautiful and I know your friend will love it. Hope hubby has a safe trip and you do too when you pick him up.

  3. You are way ahead of me. Crocus, daffodils, and a few cherry blossoms, that's about it. Tulips will come soon, but I don't even have a bud on the dogwood. Love snowball trees. We use to have a huge one and I let my kids have a snowball fight with them one time when they were little. It was a great memory.

  4. Lovely pictures of your flowers Mary. Is it unseasonably hot there for you at 90 deg.? Wow. I would sure love to just sit and soak that up for about a week. It would be so nice! Oh well, maybe in July it'll hit that for a few days. ;-) Have a great week! Pamela

  5. You are so far ahead of rural France. Our Wisteria is just beginning to show buds.

  6. Mary, I posted wisteria pictures (and other spring blooms) yesterday! We must all be loving our spring blooms!!

  7. Lovely photos ... I linked to you today and thanks for the inspiration from your dogwoods.

  8. Wow Mary, isn't this weather crazy? We had hail last night, so scary at 11:15 while I was having very sweet dreams! Your yard is gorgeous already. Even though we are only miles apart, you are ahead of us-my dogwoods are just flowering, no leaves yet. Chocolate vine is blooming and smelling wonderful. Even my lady banks roses are popping out! I think the pine pollen is within days of invading too-:O! love you, Mary Ann

  9. Hello Mary, I was thrilled to see all the gorgeous blooms in your part of NC. We are behind in the blooming time. Our dogwoods haven't a start yet and it is very brown here still. Just some early flowers daffodils and wisteria. The Bradford pear trees are blooming with several ornamental trees popping out slowly. Tonight it will be 29 degrees. A bit of a cold spell.

    Have a wonderful time with Paula. I know your home will be truly lovely for company. Have a nice break from blogging too.
    Warm hugs and love,
    Jeanne xo

  10. You are blessed to live where spring really is spring..

  11. Just thinking about your lovely garden makes me smile. Glad you are seeing such gorgeous blooms. I'm slowing getting things back to some color. Enjoy your weekend with Paula and Julie. ~ Sarah

  12. Very pretty blooms! I hope I get flowers on my wisteria this year. It is only 3 years old and the flowers have been very small so far. Patience!

    I love your snowball bush. Is it also called a butterfly bush?

    Have a great time with Paula and Julie!


  13. Beautiful spring photos What a lovely setting.

  14. I love wysteria. I need to get out and see if it is blooming here in Paris yet.

  15. Our wisteria "tree" is so beautiful this year. I'm surprised though as the weather has been crazy here too. Storms approaching us, 80+ weather, then cold tomorrow, it's a wonder anything is blooming!
    Take Care,


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