Thursday, March 17, 2011

More glimpses from home.............

The seafront promenade, before the Summer tourists invade.  My beautiful home town in England - Torquay, South Devon. 

.........and we didn't, because that's how life was then.  
Meadfoot Beach - Thatcher Rock - The English Channel

English place lovelier on a Spring afternoon.  This is part of the Dartington Estate, Devon - the month of May brings bluebells and azaleas.

The Great Hall at Dartington - constructed 1388-1400
For more on the very interesting history of the Dartington Estate go here.

The ubiquitous English tearoom.  Still a respite in the busy day...........the never ending part of British heritage known as 'teatime', when we are still able to drop everything, put on the kettle, and sit down with a nice cup of tea, preferably with good company, be it family or friends.
Angels is my favorite, even on a rainy afternoon.........on the cliff top, looking toward the English Channel, Victorian in decor, angels and lace, with a lovely garden area set with tables and chairs.

A garden where a cup of tea would be enjoyable on a Spring afternoon.

The thatched Weavers Cottage 'tea shoppe' in the tiny village of Cockington.
This was the village where I spent many a happy day in my childhood.......within walking distance of my home, perhaps 3.5 miles round trip, with two fairly steep lanes to climb, just a quick jaunt in those days!

No, I'm not over there yet!  I will be going home again in May.  Looking forward to it.  These are images from my 2009 visit.


  1. I'll look forward to your photos from the next trip. May is not that far away now. Have a Happy St Patrick's Day Mary.

  2. Hi Mary, I could never get enough of your beautiful photos of England. Teatime is truly a gentle happy time for the English and many other places too. I love the tea shoppes you shared and pictured myself going there or one like them when we finally visit England. Your River Days post is lovely as well. I can truly understand the yearning for your place of birth in England. Memories of loved ones and of days gone by. The beauty of the English gardens and the river would sure call me home.

    Wishing loving thoughts and beautiful memories to you today and always. Your tea set is so gorgeous and I know the tea from that set is extra delicious. Presentation is everything. Smile.
    Love, Jeanne

  3. Such lovely photos of your hometown. I wish that I had a digital camera in 1992 when we toured England and Scotland. I brought 6 rolls of film (24's) with me an took pictures sparingly so as not to use them all up! Oh for digital back then. Now my pics are in albums in a closet. I should get busy and scan some of my favorites, which might be dozens! :-) Thanks for sharing your photos today. Pamela

  4. They are all so lovely..but I am smitten with the pink tea shop!

  5. These pictures are just beautiful, Mary! I especially love the pretty garden. I know you must be very excited to be going back to England...I would be, too.


  6. So very lovely! I'm your newest follower.

  7. Mary, those pictures are just lovely! I can only imagine how much you must miss home. I am so glad that you are going soon. Carla

  8. Mary, those pictures are just beautiful! May is right around the corner and I know you probably can't wait!

  9. Devon (and Cornwall!) are certainly lovely parts of the world and your photographs just about sum up the beauty of spring. We shall be going West when you come East in May, although we shall be in Devon next week.

  10. Beautiful pictures, Mary. I can't believe how close they are to where John and I live. I was excited to see you would be here in May. Please say it's towards the end of May so we can meet up somewhere. I will be in the US for the first part of May and hate that we might miss each other.

  11. Everything looks just like I dream. The first photo reminds me a bit of The Battery in Charleston, South Carolina.

  12. Mary, so enjoying your photos and descriptions of your beautiful home places. It seems very like a fairy tale to me - dreamy. No other place ever quite measures up to 'home', does it?

  13. Mary I love your pictures and I love the part of England you come from. We have been there a couple of times and it is lovely.

    My daughter did an exchange program from Univ. of IL. with a college in Bath. They stayed in a home just above the Royal Crescent. Every afternoon after school they would walk down and have tea, scones, etc. in town. She came home about 15 lbs. heavier then when she left and with very strong leg muscles from all the walking up and down. She loved her time there.

    This was over 20 years ago and she still keeps in touch with her roomate who was from the Isle of Wight.



  14. I would just love sitting in any one of those tearooms sharing a pot of tea with you.

  15. I traveled along the British coast back and forth twice a long time ago when still living in Zurich (now US)..., and still remember Torquay!! I remember seeing palm trees there. If I recall correctly, Torquay is the only place that has such exotic trees. Love the time for tea tradition too!

  16. Just spent an enjoyable time catching up with you blog Mary and realising that it won't be long before you are here! Looking forward to seeing you both.
    Coincidently we were walking around Dartington yesterday after a leisurely lunch at The Cott. Photos to be uploaded soon.

  17. Oh Mary - pack me in your suitcase! I can imagine that you would be a great guide. I look forward to June when you will (surely!) post lovely photos of your trip.

  18. I love all of those places Mary! Especially the tea rooms when you can also sit outside and enjoy the view. I can't wait for all the new photos that you will be showing us, it makes me wish for a trip across the pond. If things would quit breaking around here....but as the only saying goes faster out than coming in! At least I can dream of being there while I sit here this morning with my cuppa tea!
    Big hugs to both of you, and hoping we can see each other again this year!
    Take Care,


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