Saturday, March 19, 2011

Antiques galore at SuzAnna's.......................

Well dear readers, life continues to be hectic around these parts, always something new and creative going on.  If I haven't stopped by to see you lately, please be forgiving, I just need more hours in my day, you know that feeling well I'm sure. 

Big changes coming end of month at SuzAnna's Antiques..........Vanessa and I are expanding into the booth next to our current space so will have double the room to play shop in!  We have decided to keep the dividing wall for now - made of lovely chippy old doors, it provides a nice place to hang art, frames, mirrors etc.  This means we can each have our own area to decorate and display our treasures, including larger pieces of furniture.  We are very excited and grateful to Susie and Jenny for giving us this opportunity - thanks dear friends!

These two painted pieces, in their temporary home in front of my armoire, will be moving to my booth soon.  Sam, my friend the antiques guru, painted the beautiful mahogany table - there are actually a pair but I'm keeping one for myself!  The decorative carving along the base is lovely, and those original French style pulls are perfect. I purchased the chair this week at another antiques shop...............the seat was upholstered in a wild bird print so today I redid it using a French grain sack of heavy textured linen hemp with a dark stripe, much better.

I'm debating whether to add a number in French script to the oval medallion on the chair back.  This seems to be a popular style, however, as DH said, perhaps better to leave it blank and the lucky person who takes this sweet chair home can add a number that has a special meaning to them perhaps.  My husband, the non-decorator..........but pragmatic businessman!

SuzAnna's Antiques is really warming up now that Spring is here................soon I'll share more pics of the treasures available........meanwhile I'm off to a huge neighborhood yard sale this morning. 
My shopping hunting list for my booth includes ~
  • Chandelier for glitter and glamour - French would be best
  • Small furniture items in need of love and new homes
  • Ironstone Platters, must be crazed, cracks add character
  • Antique silver flatware/trays - unpolished of course
  • Old beautiful linens for tables and beds 
  • Shells, coral, barnacles - for seaside decor
  • Old bound books - fun to read and play with
..............and whatever else catches my eye. 

See y'all later.


  1. Mary, I think I will have to go up to Raleigh some time in the near future to check out your booth!! It is just lovely! Good luck with the added space.

  2. Lovely little chiar. I think your husband is right, leave the back for someone to choose their own initial or crest or whatever.

    Re Hemp.......?

  3. What lovely things. Have a great weekend Mary.

  4. Beautiful chair and table!! Hope you have a great time at the yard sale! Wish you have a wonderful day dear. Love, Vanessa

  5. I am thrilled to pieces for you and Vanessa, expanding your business! Love the chair and table....

  6. Your list sounds like mine Mary!
    It is so hard to visit every blog daily so don't fret about it!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Pamela xo

  7. How exciting to be expanding. Beautiful chair. I think I need to go searching soon. I need one more large stoneware dinner plate. I had my husband paint an old table for me this week and so enjoying having a white, but distressed table to sit in my living room. Have fun on your search.

  8. I would love to tag along with you. I hope you'll show us lots of photos of your 'new' booth.

  9. You and Vanessa should make a trip to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. It's on the second weekend, every month, Friday-Sat-Sun. And it's amazing! Bargains to be found.

  10. Ha! Fantastic news. I can not wait to see what you gals do with the expanded space! Hugs, Janna

  11. Be careful ... I may hop on a plane and hide out (live) in your expanded space.

  12. Haven't been to Suzanna's for so long - last time there, you and Vanessa were not there that day. I will be there most likely this Tuesday. I'll be sure to check out your booth!


  13. it must be a wonderful the work you do Mary! i am so deeply in love for 1800 century, that i know i must have been a Victorian girl before :)

    There was a wonderful antique shop in Porvoo, and when i went in it first time a old lady whom might have owned the shop said that there is more too see in the back, i went there and felt that i must look what is in the drawers of one table, i found a beautiful antique womens purse. i felt that i MUST purchase it, i felt that the bag wanted to be mine. when i went to pay it the owner said that the purse is from 1800 century, a womens evening bag and it came from a mansion.

  14. Thank you for the lovely comments.
    Hope to meet you. It must be fate to all be at the airport together. Yes we must say Hello.
    I have sent you an email.

  15. The chair looks just perfect the way you did it Mary! I want to visit your shop so bad, but I am trying to get so much done around here. My cousin's son will be here next month for a visit, and I'm trying to thing of what a 16 year old would want to do. Certainly not antique shopping when gorgeous things are available over there!
    Hope things are going well your way.
    Take Care,


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