Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yesterday in the Garden.......

After the storm brought heavy rain Sunday night, the garden took on new life.  With the dry earth well soaked, the flowers really opened and looked brilliant in the sunshine yesterday morning.

Daffodils and Jonquils gorgeous in their yellows, the fresh fuzzy Stachys leaves greening up......

Pansies and Violas........................

.......often called Johnny-Jump-Ups, are now massed in large clumps.....

......and those tucked in pots last Autumn are blooming also.

I think I must have a special admiration for purple when it comes to pansies as most of mine are in that color family!

Walking around the garden in the warmth of early Spring, there were many special things that caught my eye.  The fig tree....well not quite a tree yet, more a bush as it's only been planted a couple of years, is showing new buds......as well as a dried fig still clinging tightly from last year.

The Thrift is in bloom, poking through the carpet of dried leaves.............and a tiny butterfly, its delicate green wings illuminated by the sun, feeding on the flowers.  
Ah yes, Spring is on the way.


  1. Beautiful pictures ~ I just LOVE Johnny Jump Up~! Have a wonderful day ;-)

  2. ohhhh... that first flower, was it Jonquil? has such a beautiful colour! i have never heard of that flower, now i lern something new!

    and that butterfly and all those photos make me miss so much spring.

  3. It is gorgeous, Mary. The photo with the butterfly is stunning. I love the soft green color in the wings. Spring is my favorite season of the year.

  4. It looks like spring has arrived in your garden. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. What amazing photos, Mary. I can hardly wait to see our gardens grow. Been a long winter around here. At least it seems that way.

  6. Gorgeous pictures Mary. I love seeing all of the signs of spring.

  7. There is nothing does my heart good like the first daffodil.

  8. How fun to see your garden flowers. I just love johnny jump ups and daffodils. I told my husband I needed more blue flowers in the garden, they are so pretty with the yellows.

  9. Oh my ... these are the weeks I wish to be living in your part of the world.

  10. So pretty!
    Spring has arrived for you ~ we still have quite a bit of snow (and hear that a few inches more is on the way) :-) Lovely photos Mary ♥

  11. You all are way ahead of us in Ky. The green is coming up for sure, but we need more sun. They are mentioning snow in the coming week-end. Oh no please Lord. No more snow.

  12. Visiting your blog from freezing Toronto tonight, with not a bud or bloom in sight, was just a joy, especially with your music selections to accompany the beautiful pictures.

  13. Oh Mary, you flowers are just gorgeous! The pictures of the daffodils are so clear and crisp-just gorgeous!!

  14. Love seeing all that you have blooming now. Lori has a passion for purple too! I have lots coming back this year including tulips which never last around here, guess we had enough cold spells! I better read on as I can hear the thunder from these storms.
    Take Care,


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