Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Night in Bangkok.................

..............oh yes, just like the song (from the musical Chess), our first Bangkok night was short as we arrived at our hotel from Seoul, Korea at 3:00am Bangkok time last night.  I guess that was actually Sunday.............and we did sleep in a wee bit this morning!

A heads up here for ASIANA, the Korean airline that took us on the first leg from San Francisco to Seoul. 13 hours in a very comfy Business Elite seat..............complete with duvet, pillow, slippers, and wonderful L'Occitane en Provence lotions and potions.............

 .............crossing Alaska and the 

frozen Bering Sea................... 

..........down across Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, and over the Sea of Okhotsk to South Korea.

These delightful Korean flight attendants were the best I've ever flown with, nothing was too much trouble, all done with a gentle manner...........and fabulous food. 

My 20 year old Port came while I was still on my excellent Shiraz - unfortunately even they didn't help much with sleeping, guess it just wasn't my bedtime!

A layover in Seoul for a couple of hours, then off again on Thai Airlines for the almost 6 hour flight to Bangkok.  Understandable that Paula and I were feeling a bit tired by then!  A long trip but all flights were on time and everything went very smoothly.

Baggage Claim at the spotless and very attractive Bangkok Airport.

More on Bangkok coming - we'll be here for several days.


  1. What an adventure, Mary! The view of the Korean airline was enlightening. I travel so much for work and it must always be economy class - it's a horror or cramped space, paper cups of tepid tea, tired and irritated cabin staff - to be endured, really, and not enjoyed. I'm glad your trip is off to a good start! Looking forward to the colours that I know are coming in your next batch of photos!

  2. I knew you were the kind of woman who would appreciate the musical 'Chess' .. I could watch it once a week and never tire of it. I have the CD set and listen often .... wow .. that airport IS spotless.

  3. You're bringing back memories of a wonderful time we spent at the Amandari in Ubud, Bali followed by sightseeing and shopping in Bangkok.
    Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end..............
    Enjoy every moment!
    More pix please.

  4. It looks as if Asiana is flying that spiffy new plane I've read about, lovely accommodations and pictures. Enjoy Bangkok. And thanks for the small parcel, proper note heading your way in acknowledgement.

  5. Hi Mary
    I think you need to rename your blog "Around The World With Mary"! I enjoyed reading all about your travels and seeing the wonderful photos you have taken. I probably won't get to the places you are visiting but I'm getting to see them through your camera. And if I do ever get there it won't be in the style you've gone. You must pinch yourself some days just to make sure you're not dreaming!!
    Thanks for taking me along on your travels.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  6. This makes flying look like a very pleasant and luxurious experience!

  7. Mary, I love hearing about your adventures! It is almost like being there!!

  8. Wow! That plane looks wonderful. We did find some lovely flights in Asia, much nicer that American flights. Still it wasn't anything like this. Enjoy Bangkok!

  9. I couldn't help but laugh!! that is SO SO far removed from my own experience flying to England regular class, or the time I went to India! I think I needed to be strapped to one of those stretching machines to stand up straight. My legs had forgotten they could walk.

    I have been dreaming about business class for my next trip to the uk, hard to bite a ticket three times the price though!

    That looks like a total DREAM flight!!!


  10. Even the food looks delicious. What a nice way to travel on a 13 hour flight.


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