Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rare and beautiful.................

Why is this post 'all decked ducked out' with sweet duckies?  Well can you believe you are looking at the rarest ducks in the world!  

The Campbell Island Teal, a flightless duck (note the shortened wings), was thought to be extinct for more than 100 years until a small group was rediscovered in 1975 on small adjoining Dent Island which was free from predators, mainly rats. The conservation program was started in 1984 when several birds were removed to a wildlife center in New Zealand for breeding. Later they were reintroduced to Campbell Island and, by 2006, ducklings, juveniles, and unbanded birds were noticed, proving the program had worked and the rarest ducks in the world are now safe again.

We were not certain we would have the pleasure of seeing any Teals during our quick visit.  There is now a population of just about 100 of these ducks, eradication of the rats being the main reason they are breeding successfully and their number is growing.   

As luck would have it, this pair came out to greet us not long after we climbed out of the Zodiac..............and we saw several more swimming around later.  What a great feeling it was knowing their families are expanding.

A handsome pair of Campbell Island Teals..............they have survived extinction.  Great news......in fact,"just ducky" say I.


  1. A great story, Mary. It is always so beautiful to hear of a animal who is saved from extinction.


  2. What beautiful photos Mary...I am so enjoying taking this trip through your pictures.

  3. Love this story Mary!! Glad they are coming back from near extinction!!

  4. I'm so please that the little dears are dragging themselves back from the brink. Such sweet photos Mary, and how lucky that you managed to see them :o)
    Very best wishes
    Rose H

  5. I am so happy they are coming back from extinction. They are beautiful! What a treat to see them.

  6. They are not particularly colourful birds so that you would expect them to be well camouflaged and therefore escape predation - but if they are almost extinct then that is obviously not the case.

  7. This is both interesting and heartwarming. I'm happy someone stepped in before the ducks were extinct. Your photos are beautiful, Mary! Just ducky!!


  8. Just ducky indeed! Lovely photos. I'm happy the ducks are surviving with human help. Blessings, Pamela

  9. Great shots, how wonderful to see them thriving like this.

  10. Those are such wonderful chubby little birds -- like feathered rubber duckies. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and information about this part of the world.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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