Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zodiac expedition around Enderby Island, NZ.........

Before signing off from Enderby Island...................a few more images of the amazing giant kelp beds surrounding the rocky shores.

This kelp grows up to two feet a day making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world.

Gas bladders keep the kelp plants afloat in clear, cold water.

 Kelp is the largest marine algae...........plants live up to six years. 

No roots as they are floating on the surface, instead they have a 'holdfast' which does just that, anchoring them to the rocks such as this.  Note how thick and leather-like they are, and amazing shades of green, gold and brown.

 The Yellow-Eyed Penguin......hanging out on the rocky shore above the kelp.

The ever watchful sea lion.............always posing for a portrait!

A Shag colony on the cliff top.

Leaving the beautiful colors of Enderby Island after a sunny afternoon expedition, we had a day at sea ahead as we sailed toward Macquarie Island, Australia.

It was one of the roughest nights at sea but oh was it worth it!  Come back to see Macquarie Island.........BEAUTIFUL in sunshine and snow!!!!


  1. ... award winning photos, Mary!

  2. I love how the sea lions pose - and the yellow-eyed fellow really seemed to eyeing the photographer with a jaundiced eye (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

  3. I didn't know kelp beds could be beautiful, but these certainly are. Lovely photos of kelp and wild life. Happy travels!

  4. Oh my gosh Mary your photos are amazing as always!

    Stay safe....

    xoxo Gert

  5. Stunning photo's worthy of the Discovery Channel!
    What happens to all that kelp, is it harvested and used somehow?

  6. Agree totally with the other comments, amazing photos!


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