Monday, November 21, 2011

Campbell Island welcome.............

Campbell Island is the most southerly of New Zealand's sub-Antarctic islands.  Cool-temperate zone, it lies between the Antarctic and subtropical convergence, has a mean temperature of 5ºC which supports vegetation including trees and woody shrubs. Here there are about 128 native vascular plants including several endemic herbs with large flowers,  and splendid grasses

Arriving at Campbell we were soon anchored in the smooth water of Perseverance Harbour.  Took a morning Zodiac expedition around the island which is a breeding ground for six species of albatross and one of the world's rarest penguins, the yellow-eyed.

In the afternoon we returned for an easy dry landing by vertical ladder on this tiny jetty. Note the equipment already in place on our arrival.  All of this was transported to each island landing site by an early morning Zodiac...........necessary provisions in case of emergencies, having to perhaps stay overnight if the weather changed etc. 

There is a permanent weather station here.  There has been a huge and most successful eradication program to rid the island of Norway and brown rats, allowing it to become a haven for sub-Antarctic birds and other wildlife.

Sea lions were prevalent on Campbell. This huge one was one of many along the shore and kept his eye on us!

Once again, good weather greeted us for our 1.5 mile island walk in the afternoon.  We were so fortunate with the weather for all our landings - it was never freezing cold, often too warm for the many layers of clothing under those red jackets!

Here's that 'in your face' sea lion I mentioned in the last post!  I was quite surprised to find these huge mammals are able to pull themselves up through thick vegetation from the water to the quite high hillsides...................then pop up to scare the heck out of us as we passed by on the boardwalk!

Paula on the narrow boardwalk - behind her the expedition team member Sharon is speaking softly to the sea lion and just holding out the hiking stick to keep him back - touching the wildlife is not permitted and hardly ever necessary. The animals are mostly inquisitive not confrontational.

Many interesting birds on Campbell, and very beautiful vegetation including the tussock grasses..................

................and several megaherbs with huge foliage, thought to be the response to the cool, cloudy, and humid temperatures.

I loved the lichens on the tree trunks.............the pale grey green colors were so beautiful.

Why am I grinning?  Guess I was just happy and having a fabulous time in such a wild remote place!!!!

The Orion anchored in Perseverance Harbor, Campbell Island, NZ.  A beautiful place to visit.

Next do like ducks, don't you?  Back to Campbell to share a little bit about a very special one, or two, actually one hundred beautiful ducks!


  1. So interesting. I loved reading this.

  2. Mary, these photos are spectacular! I am enjoying your adventures down under and I thank you for sharing them with us. Hugs, Pamela

  3. Hello Mary! That is amazing about the sea lions traveling so far inland. Wow. I love the photo of you grinning with your ship way out there in the distance behind you.

  4. What an amazing experience, Mary. I'm certainly enjoying all these photos.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  5. Love the smile! I would be smiling too. How wonderful to have this amazing experience and see wildlife up close and personal.

  6. Very interesting pictures. Those sea lions have quite a set of chops!! Looking forward to more...


  7. It was nice to see the photo of the two of you!
    I love the sea lions - love it all!


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