Thursday, November 24, 2011

You may well ask...................

..................where the heck is she now?

Well here's a little change from the sub-Antarctic islands - but I will be back to post the best of the penguin pics, and the days spent in beautiful Australia, very soon.  

The Golden Gate Bridge photo is hanging in my hotel room - as close as I'll get to seeing it on this trip!

Views taken from my hotel room window this afternoon as the sun set over San Francisco International Airport. I flew in today and haven't even smelt a turkey cooking let alone sat down to a nice tasty Thanksgiving dinner.

I was thrilled to be able to view the city several miles away the distance.

............and tomorrow morning I'll be back there with Paula as we start our long journey to Bangkok via Seoul, Korea. Hope to be able to blog along the way - so do check in now and then during the next two weeks to see what crazy things we get up to this time.........I've heard mention of elephant riding, covering my arms and legs for tip-toeing through temples in the sultry heat, and definitely shopping!

Off to find a bite of something now, and of course I don't eat turkey anyway!
Hope you each had a lovely Thanksgiving Day.
I do know that I have much to be so thankful for.


  1. That is an interesting view of San Francisco and kind of put it in perspective of the hills in the foreground. Safe travels to you both. I'll be watching for posts on your new adventures. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Mary, you and Paula are amazing! The pair of you are my idea of the best sort of people to meet on a journey. I love your spirit of adventure, your spunk (old word, but just right!), your energy and your eagerness for new experience. Keep on taking photos and posting notes from the road!

  3. Well, That is an interesting view of San Francisco and kind of put it in perspective of the hills in the foreground. Safe travels to you both.

  4. Here's hoping you and Paula have (yet another) glorious adventure!
    (Wish I had just a sprinkling of your sense of adventure Mary)
    Safe journeying!
    Rose H

  5. Happy travels! Look forward to your adventures.

  6. Have a wonderful time. Your energy and zest for life are amazing!

  7. You adventurers are just making me so want to hope aboard a ship or plane to exotic lands. I'm so happy for both you girls. Be safe and have a blast!


  8. So that's where you are!
    Off globe trotting once more.
    I'll be hitching a ride and looking forward to seeing your photographs as always.
    Travel safe, dear girl.

  9. Mary, I thought I was having a busy fall, but you won this hands down. Wow, it's difficult to keep a jet setter such as yourself. Have a fabulous time. Thinking of you and thankful for your sweet friendship.
    Stay safe and ENJOY! ~ Sarah


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