Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Colors of Thailand..................

Quite honestly I don't know where to start, how to tell, what to's all so amazing and different from home, and of course I haven't even got time to really sit and post as we've been on the go non-stop!  However, here at the end of another amazing day, I'm sharing a few images from the city that is Bangkok, and the surrounding countryside.  We've spent three incredible days, very hot and humid, with our guide and driver, seeing places both wonderful and very sad (the flooded areas where people are struggling to survive and rebuild their lives).  All this has made us stop and think how fortunate we are to have safe, dry homes, food, clean water and sanitary conditions, and all the comforts in our lives compared to what many Thai people are going through right now.  

Our delightful tour guide, Tuk, teaching us to open the lotus flowers which we then offered at a temple.

So much more to show you another time, and of course I still have much to share from the previous trip...............I'll catch up soon!  


  1. That brought back so many memories from our trip to Bangkok when my son was working there. What a place of so many differences, rich and poor, modern and ancient...amazing!

  2. Such a beautiful country, and a shame that it has been hit by so many disasters. You caught the beauty of it and the people with your camera though, Mary. These are truly interesting pictures!


  3. It's all fascinating. I'm wondering why they made Buddha's toes all the same length!

  4. More gorgeous images. Please keep them coming! Thailand is on my list.

  5. Beautiful photos Mary. Keep them coming :) Safe travels to you both. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Your pictures are amazing....stunning. I hope you get to slow down and rest soon.

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, both for color and light. Hope you'll get to visit Jim Thompson's for silk while there, a sensory delight.

  8. Oh Mary, I've enjoyed your sojourn through the wonderful photos and commentary you've posted here.

    I've been to Bangkok a couple of times, the people are amazing and so welcoming.
    We had some sad experiences too....

    What a great cruise and such a shame I didn't get myself organised to meet you in Auckland. I was handicapped with my broken arm unfortunately and unable to drive - c'est la vie - maybe there'll be a next time!!


  9. Such beautiful images brought the memories flooding back!
    The temples, the flowers, the floating market and everywhere you go you meet lovely people.

  10. So many sights here bring back memories of my trip to Bangkok in the Spring.

  11. Mary, I miss you so much!!! How absolutely gorgeous your pictures are. Amazingly beautiful too. I hope and pray you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves. What a trip! Can't wait to hug you and hear about your adventures. Paula knows how to have a good time huh? Love to you both. Mary Ann


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