Thursday, December 1, 2011

So long exciting Bangkok.........

View from our hotel room, the excellent JW Marriott in the city center.

We enjoyed the street vendors, but admit we didn't eat any 'street food', just in case!

We soon got the hang of how to use the spotlessly clean, fast, very inexpensive, Sky Train to hop on and off when we had time alone in the city.  The air conditioned rides helped temper the heat of the streets - and people were always helpful.

We had a lot of giggles when we caught sight of ourselves in the windows and recalled our days together almost 50 years ago when we did similar things in Washington, D.C. in our old life!!!!!

Lovely touch in our room, ice bucket with elephants.

Leaving this morning - flying to beautiful Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.  On the agenda there - more temples, rice paddies, elephants...and umbrellas, but no rain expected!!!


  1. Enjoy Chiang Mai. I know you will. How lovely to see Bangkok from your camera. We took the sky train once from Jim Thompson house to our hotel. Hope you made it to Jim Thompson house, we had a lovely meal there.

  2. Mary,
    What a trip! Bangkok looks like a beautiful city. Enjoy the next destination. I love the ice bucket!

  3. Great shot of the two of you "dolly birds" on the train.

  4. Goodness, what adventures you've had this year, Mary! I love seeing all your photos of these magical places.


  5. Lovely photos. Thailand and Bangkok are wonderful to visit.

  6. You two are amazing@ What a trip!


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