Thursday, December 29, 2011

Warmth of home.................

Sometimes it just feels the right place to be at the right time.  

Winter days at home, especially these few between Christmas and New Year, are so enjoyable. Last year they were different as we had a tremendous snowfall on Boxing Day.

The garden on December 26, 2010
This year, returning from the road trip, I just want to relax for a spell before getting motivated and energized enough to get on with a plethora of projects needing to be done with the start of a new year. No special 'resolutions' just jobs to be done.

Waking to a beautiful fiery Winter sunrise - this image caught in the upstairs guest room window - starts the day well.  Even though chilly, the promise of sunshine means a wonderful day chores beckon!

Speaking of the garden, it's in need of some major TLC after being gone so much lately..........or, how about we just call it a 'secret garden' for now, making its overgrown and under-weeded persona sound a wee bit more romantic.  At least the grass is green, and look who came to visit on Boxing Day morning before we left town, the harbingers of Spring!  Can the robins think Winter is over before it has even begun here in North Carolina?

Meanwhile, looking forward to some days in the kitchen - love making soups and stews - and I have a couple of new cake recipes I want to try.  Warmth from the oven, and the fireplace, perhaps a tall mug of hot chocolate.......yes, I'm ready for Winter now.

What are your favorite 'rights of Winter'?  Are you curling up under a throw with a new great book? Are you out walking in your new Christmas boots, or perhaps planning a big New Year's Eve party?  Let's keep closet cleaning for later....enjoy something really wintry right now.....before we know it, Spring will be here!


  1. What? no Comments on this wonderful post?
    I find it beautiful and relaxing!
    As I'm recuperating from foot surgery, many of my Wintery delights have been put on hold. a walker is just so limiting!
    so i will be doing a LOT of visiting via computer!
    i look forward to your new posts..always so interesting!!
    warmest hugs..

  2. I so agree with you ~ with the cold wintry days, I love to cook soups and stews or a lovely roast and cuddle up under a granny quilt and read a good book with a hot cup of herbal tea ~ ahhhh it sounds so good ;-)

  3. Home is definitely the place to be this afternoon, it's blowing a gale and pouring with rain. Hot chocolate and a good book sounds just right to me:)

  4. Love your pictures, especially the snow in the garden one! We haven't had snow yet but I guess Mother nature will soon discover us enjoying this warm sunshine and change all of that.

  5. knitting, quilting, reading and all those indoor jobs

  6. I am at work at the moment but I wish I was home under my fleece blanket reading my book, Mozart's Last Aria with a good cup of tea!

    Your soup looks wonderful! Enjoy your warm home on this cold, cold winter's day!

  7. I do love a winter's day. I love to make soups, stews and lasagna in the winter. Sauce simmering on the stove all day, makes the house smell wonderful.

    Right now we have a very lively 4 year old great nephew running around the house with his mom, my niece, so it is not very calm or quiet -lol. They leave tomorrow and then, I will settle down into winter.

  8. Although the weather is generally quite mild at present here in Normandy the wind is getting up this evening and so we're hunkered down in front of a log fire with tea, books & Christmas cake, maybe a g&t later?

  9. The soup looks delicious, Mary...I have a cold and it looks like the perfect remedy! As of yet, we have had no snow, very odd for the Midwest. Dare I say I miss it?

    Have a wonderful day!


  10. 'jobs to get done' ~~ sounds more pleasant and easier to achieve.

    Happy New Year, Mary

  11. I have several new books from Christmas, several new jigsaws too - ad a nice woodburning stove - so let it snow.

  12. We have had a mild Winter (so far) across the pond. We also have many robins visiting. It certainly is different to last year! Your soup looks warm and inviting....

  13. Books, pots of tea, knitting and napping - that's what this week has been all about for me. I'll have to go back to work next week, but I'll hold my winter holiday-at-home close to my heart until spring.

  14. Hello Mary, beautiful photos to share. I remember the snow too but it is not the case this year. We are looking forward to the New Year. We too are getting away to the Biltmore tomorrow. A lovely day to spend together will be a fun time just together with the two of us.

    Have a happy and healthy New Year my friends,
    Love, Jeanne

  15. Welcome home, Mary. I know you had a thrilling time on your trips, but there is no place like home when all is said and done. ~ Sarah

  16. It would be nice to just cozy in with a good book, cup of tea, and a quilt by the fireplace. But my list is long and I do need to take down Christmas soon. But I have decided to string lights in the house and leave one small tree up for the winter. I am hoping these little lights will help me make it through the dark and dreary days ahead.

  17. I have been doing some crocheting, and lots of chores! Running back and forth to my parents, there is always something to do around here.


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