Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Umbrellas of Chiang Mai - Part I................

One of my favorite stops in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand was the Umbrella Factory.
Before my head became dizzy with all the brilliant colors visible in every direction, I caught a glimpse of this woman placing the white coated paper to dry on the frames outside in the sunshine.

This 58 year old woman has been constructing the frames her entire life..........

.........just as this lady has been hand making the paper.

The resin coating protects the paper from water but of course many of these custom umbrellas are much too beautiful to be used in inclement weather!

Many laborious steps are required to make these beautiful umbrellas...............

Above is our delightful tour guide in Chiang Mai, Mutchalin.  She was such a sweet lady and took us to see so many amazing places in and around her home town.  She lives in the picturesque old city and also farms in the country, growing rice and vegetables.

More of the beauty of umbrellas next time.


  1. I haven't had time to read all your posts from your trip but the part in Vietnam and Thailand looks fascinating - and wet! Interesting to see how the umbrellas are made and they are really beautiful when they are finished.

  2. How beautiful they all are,the umbrellas in the last shot resemble spinning tops.

  3. Love the unbrella's thank you for taking us on the tour with you.

  4. These umbrellas are so beautiful! A lot of work goes into the making of them. Merry Christmas Mary! Have a wonderful holiday. Blessings, Pamela

  5. How beautiful they are! I never realized they were hand made like that!

  6. Hello Mary. Umbrellas are lovely objects in any place and time...that's my opinion anyway. Perhaps I love them so much because they are circular...I don't know. But I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  7. Your photos are amazing, I totally felt like I was standing there with you.

    When you see the time and energy put into making them they are even more precious.


  8. Those are beautiful umbrellas, even the unfinished ones in the first picture -- I thought those were ruffles! I'll take the hot pink one on the right, please. Thank you for more wonderful photos.

  9. These are beautiful & so interesting how they are made!


  10. What a craft - they are so very beautiful. Wouldn't such an umbrella be a wonderful decoration at a wedding?


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