Monday, December 19, 2011

Rain didn't stop me...............

More images from my rainy day in Hue, Vietnam......... anyone?

'Thankful for a plastic mackintosh' kind of day.....

............even one in an icky color. 
Bet that guy would never be caught dead in lime green 
and a cone hat at home!!!!

History unfolds in sun or have 
to brave the elements when you know it may 
be your only chance to 
take in the beauty......or the beast!

The washed terra-cotta gleamed, from the ground...... the stunning tiled rooftops.

Visions of Vietnam's ancient times in their 
struggle to exist - lack of funds to preserve 
these lovely buildings is obvious - one feels 
the need to hurry and soak it all in 
while still possible.


  1. So happy that you are home! I am enjoying each post about your fabulous adventure. The color might be 'icky', but look at the colors those rain covers add to what might have been a dreary day!

    I'm looking forward to many more beautiful photos from your trip!


  2. Gorgeous pictures. The rain adds mystery and intrigue to these.

  3. So beautiful, even in the rain.
    Have a special Christmas and thanks for your message on my blog today. I have the flu, so hoping to be well very soon. Another trip to Chiang Mai would be so special, we like it there the best of Thailand.

  4. Thank you for capturing the feel of Vietnam for us with your amazing photo's, I feel like I was almost there with you!


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