Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Namaste" (Hello) from Mumbai....the old Bombay

Mumbai, India's major metropolis with a population over 12 million, is a city of stark contrasts. Modern buildings stand next to stone edifices from the days of the Raj. Beautiful large homes painted in bold colors assault the senses, and yet a large percentage of the population still live in deplorable slum conditions without running water or electricity.

An incredibly interesting place to visit, it is a pandemonium of sights and sounds that will dazzle your senses.

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The Gateway Of India. This monument is Mumbai's main landmark and goes back to the days of sea travel when visiting dignitaries stepped ashore.  Hastily erected in 1911 to mark the visit of King George V and Queen Mary - the first time a reigning monarch had visited India - the arch was properly built in 1927 to commemorate the occasion. 
The huge Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was one of sites damaged in the terrible 2008 bombings in Mumbai.
(Using this excellent photo above as I was unable to get this view myself). 

The heat was on...........we were on a whirlwind 8 hour tour of Mumbai.
Come along and see the city sights. I'll try to give you an overview of life on the city streets.

Saint Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai's first Anglican church built in 1817.

Mumbai University with its decorative Rajabai Clock Tower.

For me the history of a place holds interest, I 
like to hear about the past. However, I want 
to gather images of the now. The people and 
the street scenes whether pretty or gritty! Life 
as it is today - the bad and the beautiful.

I love signage..............Mr. and Master???

Older buildings - side streets always full of day 
to day life, even when untidy and dirty.

 Sidestepping the sidewalk renewal as we walked 
cautiously along the torn up streets.

Sugar cane stall. 

Unusual animals to see in the city center.

Boys at the beach where no swimming is allowed!  
They took our pictures as we snapped away 
at them passing by in the tour bus.

 The local bus stop - the gorgeous colors of the saris.

The newsstand.

 Two women, the same child...............taking 
turns begging in the street.  The map vendors 
begged us to buy as business was bad they said.

It has to be a struggle for many............. much we have to be thankful for.

A few more Mumbai pics to show next time......then 
heading cross the Arabian Sea toward Dubai.


  1. Oh dear! Have you tried the sugar cane juice?? We have those in Brazil as well, and it's my favorite in the hot summer days... also great with pastel. Gorgeous pictures Mary! And yes, we do have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminder dear Love you, Vanessa.

  2. Yes we have so much to be grateful for.

    I loved India when I visited 10 years ago-so rich in many ways. But the poverty is stark too.

    Some of my favourite photos so far Mary.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sft x

  3. Beautiful photos Mary. We do have a lot to be thankful for....

  4. I've never visited India, but would love to do so. Indeed, we have a lot for which to be thankful, and your post is a good reminder! Looking forward to your post 'at sea'.

  5. It looks a fascinating place with so much contrast between rich and poor. In my mind of course Mumbai is synonymous with Test Match cricket:)

  6. Wonderful post, the colours are spectacular. Yes, the contrast is great between rich and poor, and we live such a different life....

  7. So many extremes. I wonder if the Mr. & Master means Mister as adult and Master as young man?

  8. Isn't India a fascinating place? We only saw Rajastan and the color was just amazing. I loved the people too.


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